So what happens when you drink too much coffee at 8 p.m. at night and then get the call that your school is on a two hour delay for the next day? You decide to paint stripes in your kitchen of course!

Let me show you the quick and easy way to paint wall stripes! 

In the corner of our kitchen we had a beautiful built in wine rack left by the previous owners. I wish I had taken a before picture to share, but you can kind of see it in the kitchen pictures I posted earlier.
While the rack was beautiful, we aren’t big drinkers here so we did not get much use of it. My dad ripped down the rack last week and patched the wall all up. We painted it white and now I was left with a big ol’ naked wall, except for that really ugly beige outlet cover.

How to paint stripes
I knew I wanted to make this some type of kitchen organization center for mail, pens, and all that other junk that normally ends up in a crap basket on our counter, but first I had to do something about the stark white paint. So much to the hubs delight, I drank a whole lotta coffee, then climbed up on that counter to paint some stripes! I threw around the idea of stenciling, but decided on stripes at the last minute.
Then I got to taping…
Frog tape
The easiest way to measure your stripes is to measure the entire wall, and then divide by how many stripes you want. I didn’t do this of course, I figured that out after I was finished. I used Frog Tape, which I really think works much better than the blue painters’ tape. Do you see that tiny little paint pot on the counter? I got that sample at Lowe’s for 3 dollars and used only about a quarter of it, even after two coats,  I love cheap projects!
Here is the wall all painted and ready for the big reveal to see if the paint bled at all.
painting an accent wall
It is best to remove Frog Tape immediately after painting. Fast forward to the next day and…no bleed through!!! And I love them! Once I was sure the paint was pretty well cured, I added this Ikea rail and bucket system. I think this will work great to hold all our pens and small junk items.
accent wall
ikea fintorp system
Ikea Fintorp System

I have a magnet board that I want to cover in fabric and also two mail bins to add to this wall and then it will be all done! (See the completed command center here!) This is one of my favorite house projects to date, and besides the accessories I bought, the project was completely free! Can’t beat that! I’m off to paint my bedroom ceiling…should be a barrel of fun!

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