Main Bathroom Remodel Plans and Inspiration

Sharing our Main Bathroom Remodel Plans and Inspiration for our traditional bathroom remodel!

Black and White Bathroom Decor for a traditional main bathroom remodel

Well guys, our main bathroom remodel is not going as I thought, as in, IT HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET. I hope those capital letters fully display my exasperation. We were to start mid-May and here we are, second week of July, and nothing. We weighed out the pros and cons of working with a contractor, and while the pros won out, the biggest con is obviously that we are their mercy schedule-wise. So instead of a beautifully done bathroom remodel, we are still waiting.

Since I have had lots of time to gather ideas obsess over finishes I wanted to share some of our ideas and what the bathroom will hopefully look like once finished!

I wanted to go with a lot of black and white tones to keep the room feeling traditional so it fits with our 100 year old home. I don’t want it to feel cold though, so I looked everywhere for a beautiful piece of artwork to bring some color into the room and to be the focal point when you first walk in. After scrolling through Minted’s website approximately 1 million times (because I can’t make a decision to save my life)  I finally decided on two prints. There are so many gorgeous ones, I have a giant page of saved favorites!

I loved them both so much, so I ordered the two and knew that I would find somewhere else to use the other one.

Thrive Floral 

Blue Agave 

Aren’t they both just gorgeous? I think they will bring that perfect pop of color to the bathroom!

Here’s a sneak peak of the one I picked for the bathroom! I love that the black ties in with the sconces and that you can see it in the mirror!

Minted has become my go to for beautiful artwork and their beautiful New Day print was the focal point of the gallery wall in my daughter’s nursery.

I used their adorable rain boot print in our basement too.

Basement Playroom Reveal

I just added this adorable yellow house print in our dining room. I love stacking frames and this subtle little house print is perfect for this spot on top of our buffet.

I also love Minted for curtains and pillows too. The quality is top-notch and I love that you can unzip the pillows and wash the covers! We have a ton of Minted pillows around the house and they are all holding up to sticky fingers, spilled drinks, and rambunctious toddlers!

Moroccan Curtains

How to make DIY $5 Book Displays 

Playful Droplets Pillow

How to make a DIY Canopy

Anyways, back to the bathroom. Since our house is so old, we want to stick with a traditional look so are going with 4 x 12 subway tile for the shower (yes, the clawfoot tub is leaving ) and beautiful 2 inch hexagon tile for the floor. Both will have dark gray grout.

The shower will have the black and white hex tile on the shelf. We are keeping the wall color ( I think) Nelson Blue from Benjamin Moore and also keeping the white bead board which is painted White Dove. The lights are staying and are from Amazon. The fabric pictured is a shower curtain from Target and of course the beautiful artwork from Minted.

Our Main Bathroom Plans and Inspiration Board

Black and White Bathroom Decor for a traditional main bathroom remodel. Our main bathroom remodel plans and inspiration.

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