Easy Puzzle and Board Game Storage

Since Christmas, my number 1 mission has been to organize the toys. There is nothing that annoys me more than toys strewn all across our living spaces. I don’t care so much in the playroom, but in our living room, I like every toy to have a place to be stored that isn’t visibly toy storage. I think I have finally achieved my goal and every living room toy is now tucked away at night and looks more like a grown up room.

Puzzles were plaguing me because they get too mixed up in my normal basket storage solution. I also hate how you have to put a puzzle together before putting it away. Because we all know that most toddlers do not have the patience for that! So my first solution was to simply put each puzzle away in a small bag. This has helped immensely with us not losing pieces and keeping the pieces straight and not mixed up between puzzles.

To store the puzzle boards and the baggies, I bought this adorable magazine holder from HomeGoods for less than four dollars. This can be slid right onto a bookshelf or under a coffee table and it looks like decorative storage. This magazine holder has four puzzle boards, four bags of puzzle pieces, a giant bag of Mickey Mouse flashcards and a princess memory game, so a ton! We have a little more room here, but for the price, I will just buy more as we need them! I  also love that when we want to do puzzles, we can just grab the box out of the closet and have them all there together! And from the back, the box just looks like a decorative box!

Easy Puzzle and Board Game Storage

Cheap and easy toy storage! My favorite! I have some other storage ideas that I am loving lately and will share soon!

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