So for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a purple girl. Purple clothes, jewelry, and Harold and the Purple Crayon ( a literary classic)

Purple carpet in my bedroom. (How did I con my parents into that one?)

Purple wedding…dresses, flowers, linens, the whole shabam all done up in purple!

Purple nursery…and I mean PURPLE!

That’s seriously purple

But suddenly I’ve turned the corner and I cannot get enough blue! Every paint color I have picked out for the new house has been a shade of blue, and where I didn’t paint the walls blue, I did the accessories in blue. Oh man, let’s see how many times I can say blue in one paragraph.

I digress..
So here is my first, and probably favorite, blue paint color for the house. Cloudy Sky by Benjamin Moore.
It’s a beautiful grayed out blue. And yes, there is a weird heart garland hanging on that art work, the joys of having a two year old decorate your house.

Cloudy Sky by Benjamin Moore
The second blue color in this photo is Arctic Ocean by Behr. This color goes up the stairs, around the bench nook and up into our second floor foyer.
Behr Arctic Ocean
While I love this color, I learned an important lesson here. Double check the paint that the salesperson at Home Depot gives you! I asked for Eggshell and received Flat. If you are a beginner painter like I am, here’s an important lesson, flat paint does not scrub up well! So, two year old + hallway = a really messy wall that cannot be scrubbed. Oh well, lesson learned. I have a few more paint projects lined up and as you could probably guess, they are a shade of blue! I better get to work so I can share those with you soon!

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