You know your old when you see tons of people posting their “Sunday Funday” pictures on Facebook and you wake up excited for the fact that today you have time to completely reorganize your pantry and lazy susan. You can justify it all you want…I can better see my food! I made cute chalkboard labels! I won’t spill a million spices everywhere every time I cook now! But when it boils down to it…there’s no justification, I am old. Oh well. I hope you get some ideas at least from my Dollar Store Pantry Organization.

The lazy susan is currently home to all my spices, since it is in the corner right beside my stove. There is truly no harder thing to organize than a corner cabinet. Things get lost in the furthest depths of them never to appear again, seriously.

I started by removing everything out of the lazy susan to see what I had. The giant mess that this caused was beyond exciting to my almost two year old. She was pumped that she could now easily get her hands on endless bags of sugar and flour! Her excitement about playing in the flour gave me the motivation to work faster! I then emptied out of pantry.

Here is everything taken out of the bottom half of the lazy susan.

Pantry organization

Once everything was removed, I sorted everything and then realized that I needed something to corral all these little goodies. After a quick trip the dollar store, I was the proud owner of 12 new plastic baskets. I should have gone with my gut and bought more…I need to make another trip in the next couple of days. I also wanted to make cute chalkboard labels so that I knew what basket I was pulling out. I remembered that I had these little wooden tags that I had gotten from Michael’s a while back. I lined them up, and spray painted them with chalkboard paint.

diy chalkboard labels

After letting them dry, I labeled them and tied them to the baskets with ribbon. Here they are ready to go in the pantry!

cheap organization

See that one naked shelf? I told you I needed more baskets! The bottom two drawers are on a slide out system. These are a system that they sell at Lowes, Rev a Shelf,  that my husband installed for me.  I put all our most commonly used pantry items on these. We plan to add more of these, but at $50 a shelf, I am happy to wait and do them as we have some extra money since they aren’t a necessity.

Once I put the baskets back in, I couldn’t believe how much more room I had in here!

dollar store bins
spice cabinet
I organized the baskets by spice theme. Italian, Mexican, etc. I have a TON of spices, more than the average person probably!  My big spices, salt, pepper, garlic powder, are all from Sam’s Club because I use so much of these. My smaller spices are almost all from The Spice House or Penzey’s. If you haven’t tried their spices, give them a try!

So not the most exciting Sunday Funday activity, but I love having my kitchen so well organized. Hopefully this inspires you to do a little organizing yourself!

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