Our weekend away to Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark was so fun and relaxing! Check out all the details below!

Our Weekend Away to Splash Lagoon

We were generously offered a free room and pass package to Splash Lagoon. As always, all opinions are my own. 

This summer is definitely different than past summers in our family. Around this time every year, we are always looking forward to our big beach trip. Last year, we were super lucky and went to the beach twice and Disney World! We love going on trips, big or small, and my daughter loves it just as much as we do. We took a weekend trip to Washington D.C. a few months ago and she is still talking about it! Staying in hotels is her jam and she just can’t get enough. 

This year, we are forgoing the big beach trip because I am due with our baby in early August. We recently found out that she is super big and could come early, and I have been having heart trouble, so we decided it just wasn’t safe or smart to travel very far. I didn’t want to let the summer come and go without any trips, so we began to look around for fun destinations close to our house. I found Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pa, which is only about three hours from our house, and began to research it. I asked around to a few people and they all said it was really fun, so we decided to go there! My sister in law was on board too, so we began planning. My husband has family in Erie too, so it was perfect.

Splash Lagoon is a completely indoor water park with a bunch of different sections. There was a great mix of kid areas and slides, and our four year old and five year old niece loved some of the smaller slides, the kid’s area, and the wave pool. My older niece loved the big slides, and my husband loved them as well! I wasn’t able to try out the slides this year, so I can’t wait to go back when I’m not pregnant and try them!

It was a little humid in the park so I didn’t want to take my real camera in, so excuse the Iphone pictures! It is also dimly lit in the park, so the pictures are a little dark!

The middle of the park has a big tree house like area that the kids can climb up and use the different squirters and water buckets. It also leads to a couple of the slides. Every so often, this giant bucket dumps water down on everyone! The tree house was also the stairs to my daughter’s favorite slide! She is afraid of most things, so I am shocked that she even climbed up here to try it!




Another area that we spent a lot of time in was the children’s area. It had lots of small little slides, swings, and cute things for the kids to play with. My daughter and younger niece loved this area. It is perfect for kids under 5.



Behind the kids’ area was Adventure Bay which had basketball hoops and a cargo net that you could travel across.

Everyone loved the wave pool and I was even able to go in here when the waves weren’t on. I also loved the lazy river, but didn’t get a picture of that!


There were also tons of slides, that were fun for both adults and kids!

I thought it was so unique that the entire waterpark was indoors, but even better was that three hotels and a delicious restaurant are connected to the park as well! We didn’t have to leave the area once, which is perfect when you are traveling with small kids! We ate at the connected Hooch and Blotto’s, which was very family friendly and had a duckpin bowling alley on one side of the restaurant! The kids loved this!

We stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott, which was also attached. We went with a one bedroom suite, which had a really nice sized living room, full kitchen, pull out bed, fireplace, jacuzzi tub, and then a separate bedroom and bathroom. We loved this set up because my daughter doesn’t sleep well when she is in the same room with us, and she was super amazed by the pull out bed. Hey, its the little things right? The hotel also had a pool and free hot breakfast. I would happily stay here again both for the convenience and large room size.


We had a great time at Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark and are already planning a trip back for next year! If you live anywhere in the surrounding area, it is definitely worth the couple hours of driving!

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