So I call this post the world’s worst bathroom, and I honestly think that it is a completely true statement, no exaggeration at all. If you wanted me to list what makes this bathroom so awful, I could go on for days. I think pictures showing the ugly truth is the best way to explain this to you.

First, let’s start with the big one. The toilet is in it’s own separate room in a little outhouse in the laundry room. The plumbing leaks so the blue toilet bowl cleaner I had in there is now all over the carpet. (PS I left all these pictures unedited so you would get the whole effect of ugliness!)

Moving around the corner, you find this old moldy cement shower with a shower head protruding from the ceiling…fine for me, but not for my super tall husband.

So what are we missing here?? A Sink!!! If you want to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, you have to use the laundry sink.
Here are some of my other favorite features…brown cement floor, terrible paint job, light bulb as a fixture, these really awful shelves, and the giant hole the previous owners left us.

So why am I showing you all this?! We are beginning to renovate on Thursday and we cannot wait! Here’s our plan
-Replace shower
-Move toilet into the main bathroom
-Add plumbing for the sink
-Lay new flooring and install trim
-Paint walls/ceiling
-Install recessed lights
-Refurbish an old vanity, hang a mirror, and add sconces on both sides.
-Reframe walls where existing door is and cut new entrance from the playroom.

Other than the plumbing, we are DIYing everything! A lot of it will be brand new stuff for us and I know that I am so excited to learn and try. I will be sharing as many tutorials as I can here with you! 

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