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Sharing my favorite survival tips for life with a newborn, including details on my favorite sanity saver, home delivery meals from HelloFresh! 

Baby is now eight weeks old and we are still in the newborn survival mode over here. It has been four years since I had a newborn, and how quickly you forget all the work that goes into keeping those little critters happy! This new little one has a lot of tummy troubles, so I spend most of my day rocking and trying to calm a fussy baby. She is sleeping pretty well at night, but we are still adjusting to all the broken sleep! I think we are surviving though, and doing pretty darn well so I want to share some of my tips for those of you who are expecting a new baby soon too!

My Tips for How to Survive the Newborn Stage

Sign up for HelloFresh’s Home Delivery of Meals

Taking care of a newborn is hard work. You are up extra hours and if you are nursing, you are going to be starving all the time and want a great dinner to eat. Too tired to to meal plan? Haven’t changed your yoga pants in three days and can’t show your face in the grocery store? The perfect solution is to sign up for HelloFresh which delivers three nutritious meals once a week for your family! The meals come in one convenient box and comes with a recipe book of that week’s recipes. My daughter was excited to see that the book even included a coloring page of the burgers we had ordered! Signing up is easy on their site or you can check out their app which makes it easy to manage your orders and subscription. I love checking out and selecting our meal selections each week, and even my tired eyes can handle the simplicity of the process!

If you are super lucky, you will have friends and family shower you with meals for weeks on end after the baby comes, but most likely, the food will run out after a week or so. While I recommend getting out of the house, the grocery store is not my favorite place to go! Nothing is harder than pushing a cart, juggling a newborn who hates her carseat, and a four year old who wants to buy all.the.things.

And then you have to get home, carry all those groceries in while now juggling the screaming newborn and the mad four year old who didn’t get to buy 100 toys at the store. And don’t forget putting the groceries away and then figuring out how to magically transform all those ingredients into a meal! I am a food blogger (obviously) and I love to cook, but I am just tired right now and my recipe creativity is lacking. HelloFresh to the rescue.

Guys, I can’t say enough good things about HelloFresh. The food is so good (and I am certainly a food snob) the farm fresh ingredients are seasonal, and it is just so easy. I love that I can log in, select my weekly meals, and next week they show up all nicely packaged with easy to follow recipes! I love that the recipes are so clear and easy because my sleep deprived eyes can’t handle a lot of complicated steps! The meals take less than 30 minutes too, which is great for busy school nights! This week we had the Icon Burger and it was absurdly good. The burgers were made from ground short ribs and they were ahhhmazing!


My four year old happily digs into the meals and she absolutely loves seeing what we get each week and helping us cook the meal! The best way to get kids to try new food is to have them help cook it! She loved the adorable little ketchup and mustard jars as much as I did!


We also love that Jamie Oliver is involved with this company. Ryan and I used to love watching his show Food Revolution and he really opened our eyes to a lot of food problems in our country! We have changed many of our ways due to his show and I love checking out his recipes on HelloFresh.




We had Jamie’s Zucchini Risotto and it was great. It was so cheesy and flavorful! Risotto isn’t something I would normally tackle on a weeknight, but it was easy!


Seriously though…look at that cheese!!


The chili pepper sprinkled on top was something I would never have added on my own, and it was the perfect finishing touch.


Even if you don’t have a new baby, HelloFresh is perfect for all types of families. With the kids back in school and sports starting back up, even second counts once they get home and having these meals ready to go and cook will make your evenings much easier! They have different plans to fit different families and different meal choices each week.


Sign up for Free Delivery of Products 

I know a lot of people are already on the Amazon Prime boat, but if you aren’t, there is no better time than when you have a new baby. Running low on diapers and haven’t showered in three days so you can’t show your face in a store? I feel ya…just order some and you’ll have them in two days. Baby’s tummy hurts all the time and you need something to settle it? I highly recommend this Gripe Water. It was recommended to us by the pediatrician and a dose of this usually calms our baby’s tummy right down. Online shopping is nothing new, but you honestly can’t beat the convenience of the free and fast shipping of Amazon.

Get Out of the House

I have heard so many stories of new moms who don’t leave the house for weeks and weeks, but trust me, you will feel more human if you get out of the house and around other people. Meet a friend for coffee, grab lunch somewhere, or just stroll around the mall. Don’t worry about the baby crying out in public. Most people love newborns and will give you a compassionate smile. Some older moms will even stop to see if you need any help! With my first daughter, I went to the mall weekly just to walk around and get a chance of scenery and I felt better every time!

Purchase a Baby Wrap

Some people love baby wearing, some hate it, and some just don’t plain know how to do it. I cannot stress enough that wearing your baby will make your life easier. Our baby falls asleep almost immediately every time I wrap her up! It is perfect for calming a fussy baby, getting a few hands free hours to do some chores in the house, or just to give your arms a break. Baby wraps are also perfect for walks and when you are places where the stroller is hard to push. There are tons of different baby carriers, but I love wraps for newborns! I have both the Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap and love them both, although I prefer the stretch of the Boba.

This is just a quick Iphone pic, but our baby girl loves to sleep in her wrap!


I hope that my tips for how to survive the newborn stage are helpful and that all you other new moms out there are surviving, too! I would love to hear if you have any great tips, too!

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We are surviving the newborn stage thanks to meals from HelloFresh! #cbias ad #hellofreshpics

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  1. My kids are now 5 and 7, but I remember those newborn days with #2, desperately struggling to balance all aspects of my life. HelloFresh certainly would’ve made things easier! That cheesy risotto looks so delicious…and I love your daughter holding the little jars that came with your delivery. #client

    1. I know that time goes so quickly, so I need to enjoy it all now, but I am just so tired! HelloFresh is definitely a life saver!

  2. That meal looks so delicious! I’ve wanted to try HelloFresh for a while now – I should order one. Love these tips! 🙂

  3. So true – meal help stops after a few weeks even though you’re still struggling. Hello Fresh is a perfect option. I’ve been meaning to try them out.

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