It is the best week of all! $100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Closet Reveal! Five weeks in and my messy and unorganized closet is now purged, organized, and put back together and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

$100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Edition Reveal!!

$100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Closet  Reveal!!

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$100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Closet Edition

$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Reveal!

Little Girl’s Room Makeover Reveal!


There is nothing better than a finished projet.  I am so excited that we have made it to reveal week and I can show you the end results of a ton of hard work in my small, formerly unorganized master walk in closet.


The painting you guys, it was a killer. It took so much longer than I expected and took so much more paint than expected, so you will notice that only the main section is painted. I don’t love the layout of the other closet sections, nor do I use them as much, so they were not my main focus. One day down the line I would like to gut this closet, so I didn’t want to put any time or money into areas that may not stay in the long run!

So if you don’t remember where we started, here are some before photos.

A giant, unorganized mess with a hodge podge of baskets. I saw this quote on Facebook this week and it just really stuck with me. It is so so true. Until you truly get rid of all the stuff, it will never be organized.

And the afters!

(Between the weird, small shape of the room and no natural light, these pictures are not my best. They are a little grainy! 🙂 )

I got rid of a ton of jewelry and i love the faux marble shelf I added here. All of my hair products are now corralled in this pretty clear and gold chevron container and I love this little gold wooden basket for holding miscellaneous items. The quote in the picture frame is one of my favorites and I love having this in my closet as a reminder first thing in the morning. I had all of the other items and just had to purchase the gold bowl.

The green baskets work great for the items I have most of so that I don’t have to dig through the entire basket to find what I need. The metal crates are perfect for my legging collection and the clear acrylic basket holding my tank tops is actually a bin repurposed from my fridge!

{ Green Baskets   Fridge Bin   Similar Metal Crates }

The huggable velvet hangers made the hanging area look so much more cohesive and gives my clothes more room. I already had a pack of these so I only had to purchase one additional 35 pack. I have 70 total so I made a deal with  myself that whatever didn’t fit on these hangers, had to go! 70 seems like so many but when you start hanging your clothes up, you realize how many pieces of clothing you truly have!  I organized items by color, but I am not loving that so far, so we will see how long I keep them this way.

{ Huggable Velvet Hangers }

Dresses and skirts are on the back part of the closet and I love these skirt hangers! I have a pencil skirt problem! I could probably purge this area just a little more and will work on that in the upcoming weeks. I used the green and purple velvet hangers I had already in this area so that I didn’t have to purchase any more.

The back of the closet now houses my bracelets and shoes that I don’t wear on a daily basis. The bottom lidded basket has my winter stuff, gloves, scarves and hats. The wooden shelf on the wall holds my clutches and the upper clear bin is another fridge bin!

Skirt Hangers

{ Hangers }

Light number 2 was a success (the first one wasn’t safe) and I love the pretty glow it puts on the ceiling! Much better than the dangling lightbulb I had originally! And to top the area off, a fuzzy pink carpet that makes the space extra girly and gives my feet a comfy spot to stand on while getting ready! At $20, it was a bit of a splurge when you only have $100, but I love the touch it adds, so it was definitely worth it!

{ Light }

Phew! This master closet revamp was a lot more work and mess than I expected but I am thrilled with the results! I just need to keep this organization up for the long run!

Budget Breakdown:

Already had paint, paint brushes, marble contact paper, acrylic hair product holder, picture frame and free printable, purple bins, jewelry wall and supplies, 35 velvet hangers

Sold 2 LuLaroe shirts for $25 and used that money to buy supplies!

Items Purchased:

Green Baskets: 19.99

Metal Bins: 19.98

Carpet 19.99

Gold Bowl: 7.99

Hangers 7.99

Fabric Box 8.99

Skirt Hangers: 15.95

Light: 24.99

Total: 125.87

-25.00 of sold items 

Grand Total: $100.87!!!

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28 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge Master Closet Reveal!!

  1. Your closet is so much fun! I am glad to see i wasn’t the only person with a horrible master closet before redoing it. But it looks so organized and pretty now!

    1. haha, nope, I was in the messy club too!! I love your master closet too!!

  2. That has to be the best feeling. I really need to makeover my closet. It’s a wreck. You really made the most of the space while keeping it pretty. I especially like the marble shelf. So pretty.

  3. I organize my blouses/shirts by the amount of fabric; i.e, the skimpy tank tops come first, then sleeveless/collarless, then sleeveless but with collar, then with short sleeves but collarless, then short sleeves but with a collar, etc. I started this years ago when I worked in a store where we displayed tops this way. It has really worked for me.
    I like how you have added pretty touches such as the light fixture – even in a closet 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea Dina!! I will have to try that organization method because I am not loving the color method!! Thank you, the little touches really make it feel more “me” !

  4. Oh my goodness, I need to take some serious lessons from you- this turned out great! I’ve started mine about a year ago but never finished. It just looks so overwhelming, but you totally knocked it out of the park! Great job!

    1. Thanks Beth! I have been putting it off forever, too! But it was time!

  5. This looks so neat and organized and you did a fantastic job! I love that pink rug too – it was definitely worth the $20 to give your toes something fun and girly to step on. All those baskets and bins are perfect for a closet – it’s making me want to run out and get some new baskets!!

  6. I need to do this!! I love your saying, you can’t organize clutter. I love the counter you added. So smart. Definitely using this as inspiration!!

  7. WOW!!! These are really great to apply to my house to totally change its looking!!! I’m a DIY lover and always search for some new ideas to be busy with them. Yours is going to be my present project! Thanks for sharing such super DIY ideas!!! 🙂

  8. It looks great! Painting the shelves really made the space a lot brighter! I love your new light and hanging jewelry holder! Awesome work on this challenge!!

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