One Room Challenge: Week 5 Basement Family Room and Playroom

Welcome to the One Room Challenge: Week 5 Basement Family Room and Playroom Progress

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Basement Family Room and Playroom

You guys…things are getting real. It is week 5 of the One Room Challenge and that means there is only one week left!! If you are new here, the One Room Challenge is a six week blogging challenge, hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. Hundreds of bloggers jump on this crazy train and transform a space in only six weeks. This is our second time participating and it is no less stressful the second time around.

We did make major progress this week. The floor is DONE!!! Thank you to Allure flooring for providing us with this beautiful flooring! I am in love! The gray color is so light and keeps this space nice and bright! My husband and Dad were rockstars and got this flooring done! It wasn’t hard, but the room is large, so it was time-consuming, especially because we only have an hour here and there to work on it. This flooring is perfect for anyone wanting to install flooring themselves and not have to hire out the job. The instructions are easy to follow and once you get the hang of how to snap in the pieces, it isn’t difficult. You can score and snap the pieces to fit your spaces, but we preferred to use a saw to make more precise cuts.

I got some painting done this week and this stone wall got a coat of stain blocking primer and paint in high reflective white paint from Sherwin Williams. This bright white made such a difference! This wall has some water stains on it and now they are all covered up. I also painted the window. I still have some (A LOT!)  painting to do this week…I really need to get on that.

Lots of items are on their way…rugs, pillows, art work…I procrastinated and am now praying that the items make it here in time for the reveal! We still need to install all the shoe moulding, I have a crap ton of floor painting to do, the lights need to be installed, the wall paint needs touched up, and the room needs reorganized and staged. It is seriously going to be down to the wire here. I felt like we were doing okay on time, but I was WRONG. We are going to have some late nights coming up here soon!! See you next week for the big reveal!!

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11 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 5 Basement Family Room and Playroom

    1. Thanks Jessica! I have still have so much to do! I’m hoping it comes together okay!!

  1. Every week, I swoon over those minty green chairs! I have a feeling your basement is going to rock! Can’t wait to see the reveal! Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. The chairs are so cute! I just hope I can actually get this room finished!!

  2. I love those chairs! It looks like it is going to be an awesome space for the family to hang out! Can’t wait to see it all next week!

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