One Room Challenge: Week 6 The Nursery Reveal!!

One Room Challenge: Week 6 The Nursery Reveal!! 

This is it! The final reveal! Have no idea what I am talking about? Well I jumped in with a group of super talented bloggers to transform a room in only six weeks in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home. The ORC, as we affectionately have nicknamed it, comes to a close this week and all the bloggers will be sharing their room reveals! I can’t wait to spend hours looking through all the posts. Check them out here! And if you are looking for the source of any of these items in the post please go here for a post on where I got everything.


We started off super strong and were getting projects done left and right at the beginning. But then I got tired, and am awful at making decisions, and have a very sore pregnancy back, and well things stalled for a little near the end here. But I can say that we have a finished nursery for our baby girl arriving in August and I am thrilled that I won’t be scrambling to get ready for her arrival in late July. Who am I kidding? I am sure there will be much scrambling involved…but at least the room will be done!

Let’s start with each week if you haven’t seen them yet!

ORC Week 1

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ORC Week 5

This was our guest room and was so sad. The plan was for the furniture to stay (it was my nursery furniture!) make the closet more functional, re carpet the room, and  add lots more color and personality. We also painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. There isn’t a big difference in paint color in the befores and afters, but the new gray has a much grayer cast, where the before paint had a distinct blue undertone.

And yes, the wood trim is staying. Our house is 115 years old and has original oak trim. It is so beautiful and thick and shiny and I just can’t paint it. I know there are two very distinct camps on this and I am definitely in the no paint camp. Maybe one day when the wood really starts to show wear. I did paint my other daughter’s room and love it, but have no desire to do any other rooms!

The closet beforehand was just your basic closet. It got painted a bold coral color (Dishy Coral by Sherwin Williams) and got built in shelves on one side to help eliminate that dead space where you can’t really reach clothes.





Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral and Built in Closet Shelves
I let my daughter help paint so excuse the paint on the trim!!

This corner is also the nursing corner and has a brand new glider, storage ottoman, side table, and linens. By removing the closet door, we have a lot more room in this corner.

orcreveal28 Delta Rowan Swivel Glider and Oh Joy Acrylic Table from Target


(Chair, Blanket}

This wall and corner got new curtains, fun little play bins from Target, and a nursery print from Hobby Lobby.







This twin bed got packed away and this corner became the reading nook with hanging canopy and pillows!





The book display shelves are one of my favorite pieces in the room and I love that they are at kid height and display all the books facing forward. The top one is the perfect height for some added accessories. Our older daughter loves these shelves and has been taking the books on and off constantly!

DIY Book Display

DIY Book Display

Right beside the book shelves is this DIY Hanging Canopy with a comfy book nook!



The wall behind the crib is now our gallery wall. This was my most procrastinated project because like I said, I can’t make a decision to save my life. I laid out about 1000 possible arrangements until I found one I liked. I realize now that the heart is a little low and will probably be baby bait, so it may need to be raised as she gets older. The large New Day Print in the middle is truly the centerpiece of the wall and inspired so much in the nursery.

orcreveal5 orcreveal14



{Source: Wish Print}

And we need to talk about the crib. Seriously, how gorgeous is it?? It is the Jenny Lind Crib in Lagoon.


We went with carpeting from our local Carpet One and it is fantastic! They were a dream to work with and the carpet is thick, soft, and perfect for a baby’s room!




orcreveal8 orcreveal4

{Source: Crib Skirt, Crib Sheet}

I absolutely love our bedding from ModFox. It is all handmade and the patterns and fabrics are just beautiful!

This dresser had its mirror removed, got new hardware, and will be the changing table. One of my favorite parts of the room is the polka dot wall behind this!




orcreveal26 orcreveal35 orcreveal29

orcreveal26{Polka Dot Source: Polka Dot Wall Stickers}

The polka dots were so easy to apply and I think they turned out great!

And some more after shots just for good measure!

orcreveal2 orcreveal34 orcreveal33

{Source: Ottoman}



 I honestly couldn’t have completed this room without the help of our sponsors. I was able to splurge a little bit on extra accessories since so many companies were so kind and provided us with other materials that we needed! For a complete list of sources for our nursery, check out this post!isla_280x280.16525424_d59bmcgpOne Room Challenge Sponsors

Busy Bee Designs

Polka Dot Wall Stickers




Hickory Hardware

 Pfew! I am exhausted! I am in love with our nursery and hope you love it too! I will be sharing more specific details next week on how I made the shelves, canopy, and all of the sources! 

Bright and Colorful Coral and Teal Nursery with Polka Dot Wall, Gallery Wall, DIY Canopy, and Book Display

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47 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 6 The Nursery Reveal!!

    1. Thank you so much Erin! The corner is my favorite too! I am already snuggling with my four year old there and reading the books! We love it!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I didn’t want it to be too babyish so that she couldn’t grow into it!

    1. Thank you Sabrina! I think they did too! I spent so much time thinking oh how to put them on the wall and I actually love that I threw caution to the wind and just started sticking them up!

  1. This is going to sound dumb, but the pink in the closet and the painted table gives me all the heart eyes. Those items stole the show for me!!

    1. Im so glad you like those details!! My husband and mom thought I was crazy for spending so much on a table that they thought looked like a hunk of plastic!!

  2. It turned out so great!! Love the colors and you know I’m obsessed with that crib! The gallery wall is so pretty and I love how you arranged the decals! Awesome job!!

    1. Thank you so much Samantha!! The crib is even more beautiful than I imagined it was going to be!!

  3. Oh wow! I love this space so much! That polka-dot lucite side table may be my favourite detail. Or maybe the canopy. Or the Jenny Lind… Can’t choose, it’s all beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I am having a hard time picking a favorite too!!

  4. Yes, you are definitely ready for you baby! Such a well-thought of nursery, love the color combo and all the little details! Congrats in advance ! And congratulations and Cheers for another room done!

    1. I know! I saw it in the aisle and immediately had to have it! It is the cutest little table!

  5. Such a pretty space for a little girl! Love the coral & teal combination, and the way you applies those polka dots above the changing table. Congrats on getting this project done well in advance! Now go get some well-deserved rest!

    1. Thank you Leslie! I am excited to take a small break from any DIY work!!

    1. I usually say no, so she was thrilled I let her this time!!

    1. Thank you! I originally wanted it to be mint, but finding the same shade of mint across multiple stores way too hard!

    1. Thank you!!! Come on up soon! Adele is dying to play with Kenzie!

  6. I love the aqua crib and the gallery wall turned out perfect! I am on your side with the wood trim. Sometimes you have to preserve the original character of an older home. I love how it turned out!

    1. Thank you! I think the wood adds such a richness! I am so glad you agree!! I feel like I am in the minority!

  7. Oh my gosh! How are you not sitting in there all day long just loving on that space?! Truly, truly love how it all came together – the crib, the wall dots, and all of the little accents, like the fabric flowers (still love your clock!) are just perfect for your new little princess! I can completely see how you would be in love with it!

  8. What a fun, fun space! My kiddos don’t need a crib anymore but how I wish I had thought to paint theirs turquoise…what a great idea! And I love all of the artwork in the space…just gorgeous!

  9. Love it all! I think my favorite part is the reading nook, but you did an amazing job on everything!

  10. The nursery is precious, Amanda! I adore the crib and reading corner–so pretty! Your gallery wall turned out wonderful and the dot wall is adorable. So sweet!

  11. Your color selections for this room as just darling. I love the doted accents that add a nice detail to the room! Great job on your beautiful transformation!

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