I first want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading. I reached a big number milestone this week with views and I’m so thankful. I also updated the layout and colors of the blog this week and added social media buttons on the sidebar. If you use Facebook, Pinterest, or bloglovin please follow me! I will be adding more buttons as I create more accounts for this blog. When I began this two months ago, I never thought anyone would care about what I have to say, but some of you do care and for that I’m so grateful! Thank you again for reading and I hope you continue!

In the very beginning of this blog, which was only a few months ago, I posted this  Too Much Coffee post, which chronicled how we ripped down an unused wine cabinet in the kitchen and I painted stripes on the wall. You can see the spot I’m referring to peaking out here in the right hand corner of this picture. This is unfortunately the best before picture I have!

1201 Cambria Ave, Windber, PA 15963
Don’t mind the terrible curtains…this is a realtor picture from before we moved in!

After pulling down the cabinet, repairing the wall, and painting it white, the corner looked like this. We couldn’t believe how much this opened up the space.

That beige outlet HAS to go!
Once the stripes were painted, I added the Fintorp system from Ikea to hold pens and pencils and all the other little things that clutter up my kitchen counters. 

And now here we are today! 

The mail bins are from TJ Maxx and I made the magnetic memo board using this magnet board from Ikea. 

I’m so glad I am only now noticing that you can see my reflection in the board…oops.

I covered it with fabric from Joanne’s using spray adhesive and hot glue. I just wrapped the fabric around the board, which was covered in spray adhesive, and then folded the corners like I was wrapping a present, hot gluing all the edges down. I kept pulling tightly as I went to smooth out all ripples. The back of this board is NOT pretty with scraps of fabric haphazardly glued everywhere. So don’t stress about that because no one will see it.

The chalkboard in the middle is from Joanne’s as well and I hot glued that on directly to the fabric. It does pull the fabric a little, which really bothered me at first. But now that it is hanging, I don’t really even notice it. The writing on the board is done with a chalk marker…how you used one of these yet?! I love them! They are unfortunately aiding my chalkboard obsession and I have been making lots of chalkboard labels so that I can use my new marker. I considered painting the wood around the chalkboard, but then couldn’t decide on what color, so just left it natural for now. If you have a great paint color idea, please let me know.

I am so glad that this corner has gone from an unused wine rack to a completely functional space for our mail, invitations, pens, and other little things. I love having a place to keep clutter off the counters. This is a little update that has made a big impact in the kitchen.

Oh man, the white balance is crazy on these pictures…the sunlight wasn’t cooperating!

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20 thoughts on “Kitchen Update Before and After

    1. Thank you! I cannot believe how much this little change brightened up the kitchen…now if I could just work up the courage to paint the cabinets white!

  1. That’s pretty cool! I love areas like that, just never had an area in an apartment to work with! Now in my first home (and last!) there STILL is no area like that! I love organized areas! Found you on Fabric Frenzy linky!

    1. Our old home was sooo small and I had no area for this either! Mail and papers were everywhere and usually strewn all over our dining room table. I love having more space to have organized spaces! Maybe after time you will find a place in your home that works for this!

  2. Looks great! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  3. I love magnet board being covered with fabric! Such a great idea! Do regular magnets still work or do you have to use heavy duty magnets? Last time I tried to do that, it would only hold heavy duty magnets!

  4. Hi Amanda, I love your pretty command station! I have pinned it to our DIY Sunday Showcase Talent Board on Pinterest. Thanks for linking up with us and Happy Easter!
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

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