January Declutter Challenge Week Three is all about the kitchen! Find the messiest spots in your kitchen and get them organized once and for all!

January Declutter Challenge Week Three

January Declutter Challenge Week Three 

I hope you are still going strong on your decluttering! I have watched way too many episodes of Tidying Up on Netflix and I just can’t stop purging and organizing now! I am hoping this burst of motivation keeps up!

Week One we organized our Linen Closets or Bathroom Sinks and mine is still looking good! I love being able to reach into the closet and immediately find what I need.

Week Two tackled our closets and I did a lot of Marie Kondo style vertical folding and straightening, but I didn’t have a ton to purge since I just did it in December, so I tackled my daughter’s closet instead of my master closet. I was shocked to find that her entire shelf area was cluttered with momentos that I had stored there! I feel bad that I was taking up her space with keepsakes that could have been stored elsewhere! After lots of purging and organizing, her closet is looking way better!

This week I am tackling my kitchen! It’s a big job but I am ready! I have a junk drawer or two that are calling my name and a super unorganized spice cabinet! We are having a garage sale this spring so I am going to get rid of any pot or pan that isn’t used often  to make space as well.  I have really taken on a new attitude when it comes to getting rid of items lately. I used to want to store things just in case I needed them later, but not anymore. If I don’t need it at the moment, it is leaving our house!

Declutter Goal: 20 items


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