It is the final week of the January Declutter Challenge Week Four! This last week, I am opening up the challenge to fit your personal needs! Pick one messy space in your house and get on it!

January Declutter Challenge

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Are you still going strong on our January Declutter Challenge or have you lost motivation? I got behind a week (that’s why we only ended up with 4 weeks instead of five!) but I needed the extra week to get my closet done properly! This past week I have been cleaning up my kitchen and adding lots of items to my garage sale pile.

I have been Marie-Kondoing all the things and really am only trying to keep items that “spark joy.” Her method, while a little hokey, is truly helpful. I hate having items in my house that neither serve a purpose nor make me happy. If we don’t need them, off they go! I have been looking at every item in my house and even art work has been going! I hung a lot of art and decor when we first moved in that was just a space filler and nothing meaningful.


This week I challenge you to find a spot that has been plaguing you, a junk drawer, a messy cabinet, or the kid’s toys. Find somewhere that is in dire need of organization and purge that space then organize it! Let me know how you did on Facebook!

I am going to focus on a few spots, a kitchen junk drawer and also the toys. We are planning a garage sale in the spring so I want to sort and get rid of any broken or unplayed with toys! I am so glad to have spent this last month organizing! I hope you accomplished a lot too!

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