January Declutter Challenge Week Two! This week’s challenge is to get started on clearing those messy closets!

January Declutter Challenge

January Declutter Challenge Week Two


If you are just joining the challenge, make sure to go back to Challenge Week One and complete that challenge! When you are finished with the challenge, head to this Facebook Post and comment done or share your before and after photo!

I am so pleased with my progress during week one! I got rid of 76 items from our linen closet! We had so many sheet sets that don’t work for any of our beds and beauty products that I wasn’t fond it! I made three big piles, one to donate, one to pitch, and one to save for a garage sale. While I hate preparing for garage sales, it is a great way to make a few extra bucks!



This week’s challenge is to be honest with yourself and get rid of all those clothes that have been hanging in your closet that you never wear. We have five weeks in January and I wanted to introduce this challenge early because it’s a big one! I actually go through my closet every two months and take stuff to a consignment shop, but with the influx of items that came from Christmas and holiday sales, I definitely need to take another look!

January Declutter Challenge Week Three

Don’t get overwhelmed and try to overhaul all the closets in your house this week. I would do your own closet and maybe one other persons. When going through your closet, get rid of anything that you don’t love. Getting ready in the morning is easier if you are only choosing from flattering clothes that you enjoy wearing!

See how I organized my master closet here!

I am setting the bar high this week…goal is 25 items! Make sure to comment on the Facebook post when you have finished! And if you haven’t started watching Tidying Up on Netflix, you must! I love Marie Kondo and find her super calming and inspiring!

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