Welcome to the January Declutter Challenge Week One. This week’s challenge is to clear out your linen closets and beauty products! Let’s get rid of those beauty samples, half used bottles of products we don’t like, and old towels and sheets!

January Declutter Challenge

January DeClutter Challenge Week One

With the holidays over, it is time to clean up our houses and get back to a slower pace! I don’t know about you guys, but we have zero plans for January and I am not sad about it! While January is sometimes a dreary month, especially here in Western PA, I love the slower pace and quieter weekends. January also makes me want to get rid of all the junk we accumulated over the past year and get organized!

I am so excited that so many people wanted to join me in this January Declutter Challenge. Each week I will give you a simple decluttering challenge and after you have completed it, find the Facebook post and comment done! Even better if you add before and after photos! It is so much easier to stay accountable when you do things in a group and I hope this is a successful challenge for you!

Here is this week’s Facebook Post! Either comment Done or Share your Before and After Photos!

January Declutter Challenge Week One

Here is the challenge for the week, let’s clean out the linen closets and beauty supplies under the bathroom sinks!

Here’s what to throw away or donate this week:

Excess sheet sets (you really only need 2-3 per bed)

Old linens (no longer used mattress pads, extra pillows, old comforters_

Stained, ripped, or dingy towels or wash clothes

Beauty product samples

Half Used Beauty Products that you no longer use or don’t like

Expired products, clogged bottles, etc.

Declutter Goal: Get rid of at least 15 items!

If you hate to throw away perfectly good items, remember that animal shelters are always looking for blankets, sheets, etc. And if you have unopened beauty products, check with your local women’s shelter to see if they could use those items!

I think 15 items is a reasonable goal and if you can throw away more items than that, then even better! Don’t forget to comment on the Facebook post when you are done to help stay accountable! You have till next Wednesday! Happy Cleaning!


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7 thoughts on “January Declutter Challenge Week One

    1. Yes! That is the best feeling in the world!! I can’t wait to dig in and start throwing stuff away!

  1. I’m a little late on getting started but better late than never. I saw this challenge and forwarded it to my daughter so we could do it together and keep each other motivated. We are both starting it today!

    1. Never too late! It is great to involve your daughter because then you can help each other stay accountable!! Please let me know how it goes!

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