What I'm Loving Lately- Fall Edition

As much as I love sharing yummy recipes with you all and my home projects, I sometimes feel I am not being personal enough. While I hope that my projects and recipes are a reflection of me, I sometimes just wanna chat with you, ya know? So I am going to try a monthly series where I can share some personal info and just what I am into at the moment. I hope you enjoy reading about my Fall Favorites- What I’m Loving Lately!

(this is not in any way a sponsored post for any brand or company, just some things I currently love and want to share!)

And better yet, some blogging friends of mine are joining in too! Check out what they are loving this month, too!

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Blogs I’m Loving

 One of the best things about blogging is that I get to read all.the.blogs and can say it is for the sake of research! Right now I am loving Stephanie´s blog Casa Watkins and April from Uncookie Cutter. They both have such great style and ideas! Check out their blogs for fantastic ideas! You have to see April´s DIY Cement Table!

Clothes I’m Wearing 

Do you know why Fall is the best? If you guessed Pumpkin Spice everything then you are wrong…Fall is the best because you can wear leggings and boots. I would rock my leggings and boots everyday if I could. And I am so happy to say I have finally found the perfect leggings. These are so comfy and they have a wide waistband so no muffin top! You have to try these HUE UltraWide Waistband Leggings. You will wear them everyday…not that I would ever do that of course. My girl Schaffer from my favorite fashion blog deems these a MUST HAVE!

(Photo from Pinterest Told Me To!)

Things I’m Buying

Have you seen the new Pioneer Woman cookware line at Walmart? I am not the biggest Ree Drummond fan. I actually don’t love her recipes but her new product line at Walmart is seriously adorable. I have been picking up pieces here and there everytime I go grocery shopping. The florals and mixing of patterns is just so pretty. I checked online and it looks mostly sold out so check it out in your store if you like it!


Books I’m Loving

I haven’t gotten to mention here before that I am a total book nerd. There is nothing I love more than reading. Since I usually blog in the evenings now, I don´t get as much time to read, but I just finished up a couple books that I love and if you are into the YA genre, you will love these too! I did a power read on our vacation in August and read four books in one week! I knew once we got home that I would never get the chance to sit down and read them, so I am so glad I spent that time on the beach, reading to my heart’s content! These books are all series, which is my favorite because you get so much more of the story! I linked the first book in each series here.

Shows We’re Watching

The hubs and I love getting into good shows. We are big Game of Thrones Fans and are eagerly awaiting its return. Until then, we are finishing up Parenthood which is fantastic and we plan to move onto the new show Narcos! Since I spent so much time studying Latin America in college, I am looking forward to a show all about some of my favorite countries (even if the show is all about drugs in those countries!)

Recipes I´m Making

I can’t let you go without talking about food of course! I made this last week and am obsessedddddd. It was seriously so good and was even more delicious the next day. I can’t wait to make it again!

Mushroom and Brussel Sprouts Penne with Crispy Fried Shallots

Mushroom and Brussels Sprouts Penne with Crispy Fried Shallots is a delicious meatless main with an expected, oniony crunch! | iowagirleats.com

I am really craving my favorite and easiest Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe! I need to make these soon!

What are you loving during this beautiful October? Have any great recipes to share with me? New blogs I should be reading? Please let me know in the comments!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on leggings! It’s so hard finding the right ones. Also, Pioneer Women’s new line is AMAZING!!!!!!

  2. Great legging tip! And I HAVE seen those dishes at Walmart, they are super cute! They distracted me last time I was there for dog food, ha!
    I don’t cook, but your recipe looks amazing! I’m up for anything meatless 🙂

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