DIY Painted Pillow with Braided Trim + A Giveaway to Win the Same Pillow Stencil!
This post has been done in collaboration with Cutting Edge Stencils. As always, all opinions are my own and I only strive to share products with you that I love!

DIY Painted Pumpkin Pillow with Braided Trim

 I think I have said this about a million times, both here and in my head, but the blogging community is seriously awesome. This month I am partnering up with 14 other super talented bloggers in a Create and Share Series. We all purchase the same product and then use it to create something unique for our homes. This month we all received different fall themed stencils kits that can be used for pillows or totes from Cutting Edge Stencils. I have never purchased anything from this company before, but I will definitely be purchasing items again! I am so excited about my pumpkin pillow that I am already thinking ahead to what Christmas and Winter stencils they may have!cuttingedgestencils   The stencil comes with this awesome set up and it is securely in a box, above the pillow case, so that you can just open it and start painting! It came with a paint brush, tray, and paint and althoug the orange paint looked great, I decided to go with something a little more neutral, so I purchased Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Craft Paint in Rose Gold.   paintedpillow1   I used the provided roller and tray and just squirted out a bunch of my rose gold paint onto the tray. I love that Cutting Edge included a little fabric piece to practice on with a bird stencil! I just rolled my roller into the paint and then gently rolled onto the pillow case, making sure to use even, light pressure.

The paint went on so nicely and it is so easy to see which spots need more spots and are uneven!

As soon as I made sure all areas were evenly covered, I removed the stencil and then let the pillowcase dry, which took less than half an hour. A great thing about this stencil is that you can reuse it, so you can make pillow cases to your hearts content!

DIY Painted Pumpkin Pillow
Here is my pillowcase once I removed the stencil. Look at how crisp those lines are!

To make my pillow unique from the other girls’, I used this braided jute that I purchased at Michael’s in the embellishment aisle. I could have used a fabric glue for this, but I knew I would probably never wash this pillow, so I just went with hot glue to affix the jute. I ran a bead down each edge, and then tightly pressed on the jute, working in small sections so that the glue didn’t dry too quickly. paintedpillow4   When I got to the edge, I just curved the jute around and added some additional glue so it would stick.   paintedpillow5   I finished it by crossing my working piece with the piece already glued and then glueing down the edges on the bottom. It isn’t the prettiest finish, but you can’t see it at all on the bottom there. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step, but I love how the braided trim turned out!   DIY Painted Pumpkin Pillow with Braided Trim   I then stuffed the pillow form that Cutting Edge provided, which is nice and fluffy and was easy to stuff inside there.   DIY Painted Pumpkin Pillow with Braided Trim   And that’s it! Easy and so cute! I absolutely love this DIY Painted Pillow with Braided Trim and how it turned out and am so happy to have this custom unique piece in my house! I can’t wait to make another for Christmas. They would make great unique, handmade Christmas gifts!   DIY Painted Pillow with Braided Trim    DIY Painted Pumpkin Pillow with Braided Trim   Make sure to check out all the other talented bloggers’ pillows from this month’s Create and Share! Be sure to enter the giveaway below and visit my friend’s blogs to see even more pillow ideas using the Paint-a-Pillow kit.


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If you loved these creative stenciled pillows, you can now make your own!  
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  1. WOW!!!! I’m a sucker for neutral decor and this pillow is amazing! The color you chose is spot on and the added trim on the edge is very fab! Great job.

  2. I love the paint color you chose, it compliments that flannel so nicely and the trim is gorgeous and takes your pillow to another level.

  3. Hi, Amanda ~ Your pillow looks gorgeous! I love the texture the jute braid adds to your pillow. And the lovely neutral colors make my little heart go pitter pat!

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