This easy DIY No Sew Bench Cushion takes about 15 minutes to make and no needle and thread required! My favorite type of fabric project!

DIY No Sew Bench Cushion

This Easy DIY No Sew Bench Cushion is currently my new favorite project! Whew! I haven’t posted anything non food related in so long! We have been so busy working on finishing up the bathroom that all my crafts and DIY have gotten pushed aside! The bathroom is almost finished and I can’t wait to share it with you! I did get time to work on two small DIY’s over the weekend and I’m excited to share this Easy DIY No Sew Bench Cushion and  bench re-do with you!

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You’ve seen this bench featured here when I showed you how to paint furniture without sanding, and also here when I ripped down the ugly coat hooks and hung DIY Wood Clipboards. This poor bench has gotten around! This is what he (yes, the bench is a he) looked like when he first started.

After some paint and new knobs, I was really loving how he looked, but still wanted a cushion with some bright fabric to brighten up the space even more. I decided to upholster the bench instead of sewing a cover for the cushion for two reasons. 1. I love the look of an upholstered bench. We have one on our stairway and I just think upholstery looks great. 2. I suck at sewing. I really need to take a class or something.

Upholstering is much easier than you think. Here’s what you need to upholster a bench without sewing 

1 piece of plywood, cut to the dimensions of your bench
foam to fit your bench
1 yard of batting
1 yard of fabric
Staple gun (I love this one!)
Spray Adhesive (This one is extra strong and holds so well)
So have you seen that pin on Pinterest about how you can get foam from Lowe’s in their camping supplies section? This is a big fat lie. I went 4 or 5 times to both Lowe’s and Home Depot looking for “foam camping pads” and the employees looked at me like I was crazy each time. I bought mine at Joanne’s when it was 50% off. So it was only 8 bucks. Buy it when it’s on sale because foam is outrageous otherwise. You can also buy foam mattress pads, such as this one, for smaller projects like a bench! I learned this tip from my favorite home blogger, Thrifty Decor Chick and love it! You then have extra foam for additional projects!
1. Step 1: Spray a thin layer of spray adhesive down on your plywood and put your foam on top. This ensures your foam doesn’t slide around under the fabric.
2. Step 2: Lay your batting down on the floor. I decided to do two layers so it was softer, but it’s up to you depending on how much batting you have. Lay your plywood face down on top of the batting. (Notice theres a gap in my foam. I bought two pieces and they came up a little short. The batting covers the gap though)
3. Step 3: Wrap your batting up around the edges and staple every 6 inches or so. Wrap the ends like a present and tuck in any extra batting.

4. Step 4: Lay your fabric (iron it first) face down on the floor. Lay your batting wrapped plywood on top and wrap it around and staple right on top of the batting. Wrap the corners tightly like a present and staple. Remember that no one will see what it looks like on the bottom, so tuck as much as you need to to make it nice and tight.

And that’s it! My Easy DIY No Sew Bench Cushion is all finished!
DIY No Sew Bench Cushion
 Easy DIY No Sew Bench Cushion 
How to Upholster a Bench
DIY No Sew Bench Cushion
This space is finally finished! Woohoo! I can finally check it off my never ending to do list!

Before & After

Kitchen Before and After
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76 thoughts on “DIY No Sew Bench Cushion

  1. A few months ago I sewed a bench cushion for my sister in law. I wish I came across this idea sooner! Thanks for sharing at Pin Your Friday Favorite!

  2. Looks great!! I pinned this to our talent board over at DIY Sunday Showcase! Thanks for sharing with us!


  3. That looked so easy. I need to do this for my pallet seating outside. Here I was all worried about how to make them and you made it super easy for me. Thank you.

  4. Oh wow! That is fabulous. I need to add a cushion to some furniture, thanks for the tutorial. Just so you know, Scraptastic Saturdays is the new linky in town. I would love it if you linked up this week. All linked up projects will be shared via FB/Twitter/Pinterest. Hope you come join the party. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you! Our house has so much dark wood in it so I love lightening up the furniture as much as possible!!

    1. I love upholstered dining room chairs! I bet your fabric will look fantastic!

    1. Thank you! I will have to try that!! I need some foam for a headboard so I will have to try again. Those store employees thought I was crazy!!

  5. Where did you find the artwork above the bench? I’ve been looking for something exactly like that colorful “lick the bowl” sign for my kitchen!

  6. I remember seeing this before, and fell in love with the bright fabric then. It is soooo pretty! I need everything no sew, I am not blessed to know how to even sew a straight line.

    1. haha me neither! I don’t know if I could even thread the machine correctly!!

  7. You had me at NO SEW!! This is great and do able! Love the pattern you picked and it def makes your knobs stand out! Great job.

    1. Thanks Meg! The white is so much better! I can’t believe that I even picked out a black bench…it is crazy how quickly our taste can change!

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    1. Is the cushion going to get a lot of use? or more decorative? Hot glue will probably hold the fabric down but I don’t think it would hold up as long and you won’t be able to pull it as tight. Let me know if you try it!

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  10. Sorry, I loved it before the project. It just fits my color scheme and taste.

    1. I don’t really like black furniture, but it was a great bench to begin with and would look great in a lot of peoples’ homes as it was before the makeover!

    1. Nori, do you mean to attach the cushion to the bench or to secure the fabric to the plywood?

  11. I Love Love your bench!!! Please, please tell me where to get that fabric? Thank you!! <3

  12. This is a silly question, but how did you affix the completed cushion/plywood to your bench? Did you use wood glue or screws/nails?

    1. Hi Rebecca! I actually didn’t attach it! It just sits on top. That way, I can change the fabric without damaging the bench! My wood was coarse enough that it does not slide. If you want to attach it, I would use wood glue!

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