This DIY Hanging Crate Wall Shelf is so easy and doesn’t require any tools! Just some paint and twine!

DIY Hanging Crate Wall Shelf an easy no build shelf that only requires craft store materials!

So you must think I am a big slacker because I showed our plans for our Bathroom Remodel weeks ago and haven’t shown the reveal yet. The bathroom has actually been done for about a month, but I haven’t shared it yet because we were waiting on installing new lights. We ordered them and waited and waited and just found out they were not coming. So back to square one on the lights and I need to find new ones to install. Ryan and I can’t seem to agree, so it is taking a while to decide!

Once we got the room done, I wanted to add some personal touches with art and shelving. I considered either these Floating Shelves or Picture Ledges but ultimately decided to do something different after seeing an adorable crate shelf on PinkWhen.

This diy hanging crate wall shelf is so easy and doesn’t require any actual building, which I appreciated since I was in the thick of filling tons of Etsy Shelf orders.

See how easy it is to build this diy hanging crate wall shelf!

Start by buying two plain crates from a craft store. I got mine at Joanne’s. I believe these were called CD Storage crates. Do people still have CD’s? Enough that they need storage for them??


I stained the outside of the crates using Dark Walnut and painted the inside using some left over white paint from painting the beadboard. The stain bled a little onto the white paint and I stressed about it at first, but convinced myself it added to the rustic, worn, nautical look.


I took twine and fished it down through the two shelves, brought it back around on the outside, and then tied the edge to the initial piece. I kept the twine in one long piece so that I could wrap it around to the other side then. I tied this tightly so that the shelves would stay together. You could wood glue these to ensure they stayed together as well, but I didn’t.

DIY Crate Wall Shelf an easy no build shelf that only requires craft store materials!

I then drilled a screw into the wall to hang this. A nail would probably work too but I felt more secure using a screw. Now this hangs a little bit off the wall, but once you put items on the shelves, the weight pushes it back on the wall.

DIY Crate Wall Shelf an easy no build shelf that only requires craft store materials!

And that’s all their is to it! You could buy any size crate and string them together. This would look cute in an entrance way or in a small spot that needs some personality! Let me know if you have any questions on how to put together this DIY Hanging Crate Wall Shelf!

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