Yarn Wrapped Wreath with Felt Flowers Tutorial

Like the Emerald painted box from last week, this wreath project started because I wasn’t ready to decorate my door with bunnies and carrots, but wanted something to replace the Christmas wreath I took down two weeks ago  two months ago. This project took me a few hours, but wasn’t difficult. The wreath is more of a mustard yellow in person, which is currently my favorite accent color, but appears more orange in these pictures! 

Here is what you need:
A foam wreath 

1 roll of yarn in your desired color
a hot glue gun
felt in whatever color you want your flowers to be
1 piece of ribbon
You begin by wrapping your yarn around and around the wreath. In order to keep your yarn from being tangled, I cut off big balls of yarn at a time and kept the entire ball in my hand and passed it over and under the wreath so that it stayed together and didn’t get tangled. Any time I ran out of yarn, I tied the piece I was using to a new piece on the back side of the wreath. You could also secure the new piece with hot glue if you wanted. Keep wrapping until the entire wreath is covered. Make sure to pull every piece tight in order to not have gaps in your wreath. Here was my finished product. I ended it by gluing my end onto the back with hot glue. This was the most time consuming part of the whole project, but easy to do while watching tv. 
Next you make the flowers. I have two types of flowers on my wreath. The rose bud ones are really easy. You cut yourself a willy nilly looking circle like the one pictured below. 
The more you weave in and out on your cuts the more dimension your flower has. This rose was cut pretty straight.
 Next, starting at one end of the circle begin cutting a spiral. 
When it is all cut, start rolling your rose. The shape will change based on how tight you roll it. I rolled this flower very tightly. 
When you get to the end or tail piece as I like to call it, use the tail as the base and run a bead of hot glue on it. Press it onto the bottom rolled up part of your flower. 

To compare, the green and pink flowers were rolled loosely and were cut with more zig zag in the original circle. The mustard and purple flowers were cut straighter and rolled tightly. The mustard flower was also cut from an entire piece of felt and the green, pink, and purple were made from half a piece. The bigger the circle, the bigger the flower. The blue flower I forgot to take pictures of while making because I was also simultaneously trying to keep a wild animal (or just my two year old) away from the hot glue gun, so I don’t have a tutorial for that one, sorry!

I then attached my flowers using white pins with a pearl on the end. You can see them much better in person, but if you look above, you can see one poking out from the green flower. I used pins so that I could easily change out the flowers for each season. The burlap ribbon is also wrapped around and then attached using a pin. This was found in my scrap bin, so nothing fancy there! You don’t have to use the ribbon, but I liked the dimension that it added to the wreath. I also used a little piece of the same ribbon to hang the wreath from the nail. I attached this with a pin as well. I probably spent about two hours total on this, spread out throughout the day. It was easy and I want to try to make more flowers, so I can’t wait to make another for my front door!

This is a great project because it is so easily adaptable for each season. When I get sick of the bright flowers, I can change them out. I am already planning some burnt orange and red flowers for fall. I hope you give this a try!
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17 thoughts on “Yarn Wrapped Wreath with Felt Flowers Tutorial

  1. What a beautiful wreath Amanda! I love the fun springtime colors! You did a lovely job on the tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Would love for you to stop by tomorrow and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

    1. Thank you Emily! It is simple! Unfortunately, I have to make another because my daughter knocked it over and the Styrofoam broke! Luckily it is easy enough to whip up another!

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