Bringing Out Some Spring and Shopping Your House for Decor

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of cold temperatures, ice storms, and feet of snow on the ground. I’m ready to see green grass and to bust out my flip flops. While I don’t know if we are done with this terrible weather, I can be hopeful by packing up all my winter stuff and bringing out some springy items. I have banished every last snowman object around my house and cleared off all surfaces of anything that suggests cold. And then I was left with…nothing. I then realized  that I don’t have any spring decorations. Our old house was small, and other than the occasional candle or picture frame, we just didn’t have many decorations because space was so limited. So off I went to Michaels and Joanne fabrics, and all their spring stuff was just so…pink. And full of carrots, and bunnies, and eggs, not what I was looking for. I need bright colors, not pastels and fluffy tails. So I decided to shop my house (a wise friend told me to do that once, Hi Carrie!!) and I found this box of my daughter’s. It’s a Melissa and Doug box that’s supposed to store her animal magnets, but who am I kidding? This box doesn’t store anything, those magnets live strewn across the floor. So, I decided to repurpose it.

easy diy decor
Remember how I said before that I love paint chips? I also love paint samples. Lowe’s just recently put a bunch on clearance and I grabbed a couple, including Pantone’s color of the year for 2013, Emerald.
pantone color of the year

This color is bright and springy and just what I was looking for.  You can see where this is going right? I stole the two year olds toy box and painted it. She will never know.

Isn’t that color gorgeous? I want to paint everything emerald now…Adele better guard her toys. Here is the finished project on top of our radiator holding these little straw ball thingies, which I like to think look like bird’s nests, which is obviously springy, right?
inexpensive diy decor
cheap decor
So maybe you don’t have random toy boxes hanging about, but here’s my whole point…use what you have! Find objects in your home and make them serve a new purpose. I’ve seen wonderful projects across the internet made from wood scraps, glass jars, toilet paper rolls, etc. Shop your house and take a chance on a project. What’s the worst that can happen? You hate it and you throw away the object that you weren’t even using in the first place, and no harm done.

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6 thoughts on “Bringing Out Some Spring and Shopping Your House for Decor

    1. It is my favorite thing to do! Even better when I find lots of stuff I don’t actually need and can get rid of it!

  1. Absolutely love that color! I actually have a bunch of Melissa & Doug boxes stored up because I know someday I’ll want to re-purpose them. Yours looks soo cute!

    1. They make the perfect little decorative boxes! I wish I had more!

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