The Best All Natural Personal Care Items from Target

Switching up my Amazon favorites this month to share my Target Personal Care Favorites! These products are the best of the best and even better, most of the beauty products are all natural (bonus!)

The Best Natural Personal Care Products from Target

Target is such an affordable and fun place to shop but you seriously have to shift through tons of items to find the best of the best. Today, I am sharing all my favorite spring Target purchases to help you freshen up your personal care routine! While none of these products are perfect on the all natural scale, they are definitely better options than the traditional drug store personal care items.

Best Target Beauty Products that are All-Natural

I am not kidding when I say that I have tried nearly every all-natural, aluminum free deodorant out there. I always seem to love them at first but then my armpit breaks out in a terribly painful rash. I have been using Native for months and no rash, no irritation, and it works great to keep me from smelling sweaty! Better yet, it is all-natural and aluminum free.

Native Natural Deodorant

For on the go, I love to keep a pack of these deodorant wipes in my purse. They smell great, eliminate odors, and are also all-natural! They are perfect for those mornings that I forget to use deodorant before walking out the door!

Deodorant Wipes

Just like deodorant, I have tried a ton of chemical free body washes. Method is definitely my favorite. It cleans well and the bottle lasts forever! There is fragrance in it, so if you are looking to avoid synthetic fragrance, just note that this is not scent free.

Method Body Wash

For years, I never considered the chemicals that were in my tampons and pads. I am now much more cognizant of the harmful materials that they contain. I LOVE these tampons and pads from Target. They often have a deal on them as well that you get a gift card if you purchase three of more, so I stock up!




Okay so this one isn’t toxin-free, but it is so good that I make an exception 🙂 But it is silicone-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free. Unlike other dry shampoos, this one actually cleans your hair, instead of just covering up the greasiness. There is a scent if that bothers you, but I don’t find it too bad after wearing it a couple times.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo 

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