Hair Care Essentials for People Who Hate to Wash Their Hair

Sharing my hair care essentials for people who hate to wash their hair! If you are trying to minimize your hair washing, then you need these must have hair care products! I only wash my hair twice a week, so I rely on a few hair products to keep my hair feeling fresh and looking presentable!

Hair Care Essentials for People Who Hate to Wash Their Hair

I have worked so hard to train my hair to only be washed twice a week. While it sounds crazy that you have to train it, you seriously can’t just stop washing your hair and expect to not notice the greasiness. With some work and some essential hair care products, you can train your hair to behave on minimal washes! I plan to do a full hair post but need some time to get the photos together.

Here are my hair care essentials for people who hate to wash their hair

Silk Pillow Case

A silk pillow case minimizes the damage done to your hair while you sleep. It is also good for your skin! I just bought a cheap one on Amazon and it works great! No expensive silk pillow case needed.

Invisibobble Hair Tie 

These little telephone cord hair ties are the best. They minimize creasing so that you can still wear your hair down after being in a ponytail! They also look cute on your wrist!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a must if you don’t want to wash your hair. I have seriously tried so many. If you want a grocery store product, Batiste and Not Your Mother’s both work well. If you want a higher end shampoo, Oribe and Living Proof are fantastic. My number one dry shampoo tip is to spray in your hair before bed! It will such up all the greasies while you sleep!


Dry Texturizing Spray

For reviving my sleepy hair, I love to spray in a texturizing spray and tousle, especially if I am on day 2 or 3 of curls. The Oribe brand is great and I like the Moroccan Oil one as well. I haven’t tried a grocery store version of this but am not opposed! Let me know if there’s one that you love!

Revlon One Step Dryer

I have shared this miracle blow drying brush before. I use it on day 1 of my hair care routine, right after washing. It dries and straightens my hair, but doesn’t flatten it like a straightening iron does. I can get two days out of a blow out with this brush!

Curling Wand

A curling iron is my go to hair styler for days 2 and 3 of my hair care routine. Day 2 I curl my entire head and day 3/4 I touch up and tousle for loose waves. My wand is just a cheap one that I picked up from TJ Maxx and it works great!

Shower Cap

Much to my family’s delight, I love a shower cap, and they love to make fun of me anytime I wear it! I cover my hair on days 2/3 so that I can shower and wash my face and not have to worry about getting my hair wet! It is truly a must have product for me. I use a cheap one from JCPenny, but have heard amazing things about the DryBar version.


Cute Hair Bands

If all else fails, I throw my hair up in a bun using a fun leopard scrunchie or a really pretty pearl wrap! My hair lives in a bun on the weekends so I put these in when I want to look presentable but am definitely not washing my hair.

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