Oven Fried Spanish Potatoes with Aioli or Patatas Aioli are my absolute favorite Spanish Tapas recipe! Crispy potatoes topped with a creamy sauce full of garlic and smoky paprika!

Oven Fried Spanish Potatoes with Aioli

My college major was in Spanish and I had the awesome opportunity to study abroad in Spain between my sophomore and junior years of college. I spent the summer studying, exploring, and maybe most importantly, eating all through Spain. After a few days of being in our temporary home, my friends and I quickly picked up on the Spaniards eating habits! Small breakfast, big lunch, and then a fun and social dinner full of wine and tapas, or small plates. Tapas are such a fun way to eat! There are so many different varieties of small plates to choose from and we loved to order lots of them and share. Potato dishes are really popular in Spain and Patatas Aioli were one of my favorite ones to order.

I couldn’t get enough of these delicious fried potatoes topped with a creamy garlic sauce. There is also a spicy version with a red sauce, but I thought the potatoes with aioli were even better and definitely more unique. There was one small restaurant on the corner of town that had the best patatas aiolis. Theirs were creamy and garlicky, but with a slight smoky flavor. I attempted to recreate this version and I think they turned out pretty close! It has been quite some time since my adventures in Spain, but sometimes flavors are hard to forget!

To shave off a few calories, I fried my potatoes in the oven. Not only does my kitchen stay cleaner without oil being splattered everywhere, but I can eat an even bigger portion since they were done in the oven! Head over to SoFabFood  for the recipe and to see my pro tip on how to get potatoes extra crispy in the oven!


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