How to Properly Arrange the Work Area in the House

Many people are now working from home and turning some particular area of their house into a home office, so it is crucial to arrange everything correctly so that you feel comfortable and don’t think about procrastinating because your chair is not comfortable, the light is not enough, or you lack paper clips. We have prepared some advice for you and hope you can implement them in life.

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1. Start with the disinfection

If you are just starting to organize your working area, then take everything off the table, and wipe it clean with antibacterial wipes. Do everything properly because it’s pleasant to work when the table is clean. And it’s not only about your table. Use special tissues to clean the screen of your PC or laptop; clean the keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad carefully. COVID-19 and the global pandemic taught us that it is crucial to keep our hands clean. During work, you can accidentally touch your face, and bacteria will easily attack you if the stuff on the table isn’t clean. And remember that it’s essential to keep up with it and to do the cleaning at least once a week. If you worry that it will take a lot of time and you will not be able to do your homework, then don’t worry. If you do it regularly, weekly cleaning will take you about 15 minutes. And just in case, you can always order some essays from

2. Stationary rules

Organizing your workplace without a lot of high-quality stationery is impossible. You will need many folders and files to put all your documents in them. If you don’t consider something meaningful to put into a folder, you can just throw it into a bin with waste paper; there is no sense in keeping this document. Make catalogs and add stickers so that you can find everything quickly.

3. Keep only the most necessary things on the table

People tend to keep everything they have on the table. But if you think about it, how many of the office supplies on your desktop do you use on a daily basis? Usually, we use three or four things, and everything else creates piles of unnecessary stuff that occupies valuable space. Keep it in a drawer or supply cabinet if you don’t use something. If you don’t know what to keep, just check during the day what you use the most; something that you haven’t touched during the day should be “expelled” from the desktop.

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4. Don’t make your working space look too personal

Yes, of course, you are at home and want to feel comfortable. But you plan to work here at the same time, so the place must create the corresponding atmosphere. We are not saying that you have to remove all the pictures or little souvenirs that you brought from your trips. Let’s be honest; how many times have you looked at something on your desk and have absolutely forgotten about your work, diving into the memories? If you do it all the time, you will have to make orders on writing service regularly, because you will need help with your paperwork.

5. Hide cables

First of all, the cables that many people leave on the table don’t look nice. If they are not hidden, there is a possibility that you will trip over them and fall. If you drink tea or coffee when working, there is a possibility that you will spill your drink, spoil documents or gadgets, and waste coffee.

6. Put your gadgets aside

The biggest distractions for us are our gadgets. We get so many notifications on our smartphones or smartwatches that sometimes it’s almost impossible to concentrate on work. So our recommendation will be to organize a particular place, a shelf or drawer, to put your gadgets when you are working. If it’s hard for you to imagine your life without checking your social media, choose a particular time when you are going to do it. For example, some smokers can have a break to smoke, so you should also create a schedule and, the rest of the time, keep your smartphone in a chosen drawer. And having special places for all your stuff is also a good idea.

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7. Organize the space correctly

You should feel comfortable when working. Learn some basic ergonomics rules when organizing your working place. The chair and the table must have the correct height, allowing you to work for a long time without feeling pain afterward. Make the most of your desk space by storing more on or under your desk with tools like a monitor riser. It would help if you kept all your essential electronics, tools, and supplies within arm’s reach and other supplies, gadgets, and less-often-used items where they are easily accessible but not cluttering up valuable workspace.

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