It is time! It is week 6 of the Jeffrey Court Fall Renovation Challenge and ready (or not), I am sharing our Main Bathroom Remodel Reveal!

I cannot believe that six weeks has come and gone! We started with a terribly outdated in your face blue and white bathroom and are finishing with a modern, but still traditional, black and white space! I am thrilled with the results and cannot thank Jeffrey Court enough for inviting me to participate in their fall renovation challenge!

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Our house is 115 years old, so we certainly couldn’t have done this project alone. O’Donnell Construction is our go to local contractors and they did a great job helping us get this space done on time!

Here are the before shots incase you have forgotten!

And then we painted and it looked like this!


And now it looks like this!!! Our Main Bathroom Remodel Reveal!

I am mostly going to let the photos speak for themselves and will share more details next week. In all transparency, the room isn’t 100 percent finished to my liking, but it’s close enough for now!



I know it is controversial that we removed the clawfoot tub and some people will be super angry about it, but it just didn’t work for our family. That, plus it wasn’t safe! In order to remove the lead, fix the plumbing, and the faucets, we would have spent way too much money on an item that just isn’t functional in a bathroom that kid and guests use. If it was our master bathroom and not our main bathroom, the tub would have stayed, but this shower tub combination will serve our family so much better, and that’s what’s most important.

The floors. These floors are just incredible. I love the unique pattern and the marble surface. It is truly even more beautiful in person. The gray grouting really sets off the pattern.

The classic white subway tile works so well in our traditional home. I love the contrast of the dark gray grout (plus it doesn’t show dirt!) The matte black faucets make me so happy! No fingerprints! I spray painted our towel bar and toilet paper holder to match as well.

I love that the tile goes to the ceiling. It helps make the space feel more open! The little shower shelf is a great touch as well that makes the space even more special.

An unexpected surprise is that the toilet has its own little nook now! I love the increased privacy!


After much contemplation, I decided not to paint the vanity, but we did replace the top with a solid white swanstone counter. I love the modern shape and matte finish. That’s not to say that I won’t ever paint the vanity, but for now, I am okay with the dark color grounding the space. (pretend like there’s a faucet at that sink, it didn’t come in time!)

I finished off the room with lots of fun accessories and I will share all the sources and more details next week! It has been a whirlwind of six weeks and my house is filthy, so it is time for a glass of wine and some deep cleaning! Thank you for following along on this journey!


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