It is Week 5 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! We are updating our main bathroom and taking it from blue and white overload to a classy black and white!

Our Main Bathroom Remodel Week 5!

Well guys, it is week 5, which means there is only one week to go! I don’t know how that is even possible, but here we are! Our bathroom is looking a hot mess this week. Ready for these beauty shots?

The tub is in and is framed! The walls surrounding the tub are getting these beautiful and fresh looking 4 x 12 white subway tiles. I think it is going to look so clean and bright!

There are a lot of electrical holes and wires and all kinds of things everywhere! Our electrician is removing our existing exhaust fan and moving it in the shower (this is apparently where it is supposed to be 🙂 ) He is also installing two new can lights in the ceiling so that we have an overhead light fixture.

One set back this week is that we had planned to run plumbing off the plumbing in this bathroom into our master closet so that we could put a future master bathroom in there. Well, due to the joists and building code, it just isn’t going to work. Disappointing, but at least it means less work at the moment!

We found some surprises when the existing tile came up. Lots of water pipes to nowhere and uncapped plumbing. That’s the beauty of living in a hundred year old house! You have no idea what’s in the walls and floors!

Tiling began today and I can’t wait to show you! I also picked up some more goodies from Target this week because I need to accessorize all the things.

Next week is the big reveal and I can’t hardly wait to get our bathroom put back together and in usable condition! Going to the basement to use the bathroom has been a pain in the butt! See you next week for what will hopefully be a finished, beautiful space!

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