I am so excited to be sharing My Favorite Amazon Finds for February with you! I am hoping to make this a monthly series and hope you love Amazon shopping as much as I do!

Favorite Amazon Finds, February Edition

While I love cooking, I really really love shopping too. I am constantly on the hunt for great fashion and home finds and love sharing those items with people! My goal of this blog has always been to be a creative outlet and a place where I share pieces of my heart, whether that be through home renovations, our favorite recipes, or just items I love. I am hoping to make these Amazon posts a regular thing and hope that you enjoy them! I want to include more shopping style posts and would love to hear your thoughts! Stick to food or add in some other content? What stores do you love and would like to see me post about?

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I love seeing other bloggers share their monthly Amazon favorites so I’m hoping you do too!

This month I am loving an assortment of thing! With their 2 day prime shipping and free returns, I love the non-hassle of shopping with Amazon and their easy return policy!

Guys, I swear I read every single review of stick vacuums on the entire Internet and I finally decided on the Shark Ion Flex and I LOVE it! I have seriously vacuumed more than ever before and am so happy with the battery life, the flexibility, and how well it picks up. There is honestly not anything that I don’t like about it! If you have been looking for a new vacuum this is definitely the best stick vacuum on the market!

When I first saw people jade rolling on Instagram I thought it was a little silly, until I spent months feeling sick and finally found out that I was having lymphatic drainage issues. I figured for 12 bucks, it wouldn’t hurt to try it! And it has really helped! My sinuses feel better, my skin looks plumper, and it is great for rolling over pressure points when I have headaches! Definitely some of the best $12 I have ever spent!

I am not a bikini type of gal anymore, but I saw a lot of people chatting about this $20 two piece so I figured it was worth a shot. The quality is great, the fit is slimming, and I feel super comfortable in it!

This spatty patty is again something that I felt silly buying, but I can honestly scrape enough make up out of my glass containers to get about another two weeks worth of product once I think it’s empty! That’s a lot of make up that I was throwing away!

These jeggings are so comfy and again, I can’t believe the $20 price tag! They fit slightly odd in the rise, so I only plan to wear them with longer shirts, but again for the price and amount of comfort, I love them!

I have never been great about curling my hair but have been wanting to try it, so I took to Facebook to see what everyone was using and was easy and I got a few recommendations for this automatic curler. I had previously tried another automatic curler that cost a crap ton of money so I was shocked to see how well this one worked for 1/4 of the price! It is SO easy to use and the curls last for a while!


A little pricier than my other favorite finds, but I am loving this Airfree Tulip Air Purifier. We used to have a big bulky air purifier with filters that we had to clean and change and it was a pain so we stopped using it. When Airfree contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their revolutionary air purifier, I was all on board. This one doesn’t use filters and never requires any maintenance! You just plug it in and go!

If you know us personally, you know that I suffer from terrible allergies and asthma, and my daughters both have pretty bad allergies, so I have been looking for a great purifier to help alleviate our symptoms. Airfree’s patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology destroys mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, organic odors and other organic allergens, and I can honestly tell a difference when I wake up in the morning after letting it run all night. I am not as stuffy and don’t have that cloudy lung feeling I usually have!

So there you have it, my favorite Amazon finds for this month! Please let me know if you want this series to continue and if there are any other stores you would like me to shop!

Amazon Must Haves for February

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