If you have been asking yourself what to get for a toddler for Christmas, then I hope this tried and true Toddler Holiday Gift Guide helps you find the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the little girl or boy in your life!

The Ultimate Toddler Holiday Gift Guide!

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This Toddler Holiday Gift Guide are all toys that my daughter already has and loves, or ones that I know she will love. There is nothing worse than a room full of toys that nobody plays with, but all of my suggestions are well loved favorites in our house or toys that my mom friends have recommended!

Some of these ideas work great as Christmas gifts for toddler boys, as well! But since I have two girls, I feel much more of an expert on girls!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are coming so I have used all Amazon links for easy shopping! I know that Amazon will have amazing deals on toys!

What to buy a toddler for Christmas?

This Fruit Slicing Toy may not look like much, but my hard to please toddler has played with this toy every single day since she received it this summer. It comes in a storage bag and has many fruits and vegetables for your toddler to slice through with the pretend knife! This is the #1 toy toddler toy in our house!

Fruit Slicing Toy


This purse with felt make up is another favorite in our house. I love that the makeup is felt so it feels like the real thing! The purse comes with lots of fun accessories and you can store them all in the bag! This toy is of course just for the toddler girl in your life, but its so cute that I had to include it in this gift guide!

Pretend Purse with Makeup 


This Melissa and Doug Shape Sorter is not only fun, but educational! Your toddler learns shapes, colors, and is great for hand eye coordination. I love that all the pieces get stored in the toy! And since this product is Melissa and Doug, it is great quality and will last!


Melissa and Doug Shape Sorter

These Play Cones may not be the first item that comes to mind when shopping for Christmas, but I bought these on a whim this summer and am so glad I did! They are great for playing in the yard! My older daughter even loves these for setting up obstacles for her scooter and bike and my toddler likes stacking them and running around them! Again, they are Melissa and Doug, so great quality!


Play Cones


I love this Learn to Turn Scooter. It is the perfect size and is easy to maneuver for our little one. She is even able to keep up with her big sister with this scooter! I found one of these at TJ Maxx in the clearance section, but this Amazon version looks to be the same!

Learn to Turn Scooter 


Another toy that gets played with every.single.day are these Fridge Phonic Alphabet Magnets! This keeps our toddler busy while I cook dinner in the kitchen, but even better, she knows almost all of her letters! She loves dancing to the songs and singing the alphabet sounds! This is definitely really high on the toy popularity list in our house!

Fridge Phonics


I love the Fridge Phonics so much that I think I am going to pick up this numbers and fruit one as well! It has great reviews and I know that Leap Frog’s quality is great!

Numbers and Fruit Magnet Set 

This Things I Eat Matching Game is another house favorite. My daughter plays with this almost immediately every day when she wakes up! It is great for hand eye coordination and also learning food words!


Things I Eat Matching Game

Since the food matching is such a hit, I am going to pick up these simple puzzles for toddlers. I love how they are brightly colored and have such big pieces for little hands! I know any toddler will love the fun animal photos, too!

My First Puzzles

Another Melissa and Doug toy! You just can’t beat their quality. I love this cleaning set. It has the stand for easy storage and it helps encourage chores too! It’s a cute toy that kids of all ages like!

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set 

Finally, this shopping cart really looks like the real deal! I actually picked this up as a set with food and fake money last year at Sam’s Club, so keep an eye out for that one, but this Amazon one is the same actual cart that we purchased! Both my toddler and six year old like this one and love to fill it up with goodies and push it around the house! The quality is AMAZING!

Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart


I hope you find some inspiration in this Toddler Holiday Gift Guide! All of these gifts work will for the little munchkins in your life and will be a hit under the Christmas tree this year!


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