If you haven’t been following along the past couple of months, then you may have missed that each month I get together with some of my favorite blogging friends and participation in some sort of challenge. We all use the same basic products to create something fantastic. This month we were so excited to be sponsored by Wise Owl Chalk Paints to give their products a try. I have used chalk paint a few times on small accessories, but never an entire project, so I was sooooo excited to try this out!

A beautiful round up of Chalk Painted Projects!

A Shade of Teal ~ Night Stand Makeover
Old House To A New Home ~ Chalk Painted Accent Table
Pocketful of Posies ~ Old Door Dining Table
Domicile 37 ~ Faux Marble Top
Refashionably Late ~ Dining Room Re Do
Knock It Off Kim ~ Aging Furniture With Chalk Paint
The Twin Cedars ~ Chalk Paint Furniture Flip
Our House Now A Home ~ Wall Paper Organizer
Lehman Lane ~ Cedar Chest Makeover
Green With Decor ~ Old Cabinet Drawer Makeover
One Mile Home Style ~ Drab to Fab Table Makeover
The Weathered Fox ~ Charging Station
Casa Watkins ~ DIY Aztec Art
Chasing Quaintness~Milk Stool Makeover

If you aren’t familiar with chalk paint, it is a no prep paint that requires no sanding before painting. I have been wanting to paint this accent table in our dining room since we acquired it from my parents’ house. My Mom’s favorite color is dark hunter green, but me, not so much. I love how this table fits into this little corner of the dining room, but the green color has been taunting me for over two years now. The limey green wall color is next on my list of things to paint, if I could just get the motivation to pick a color out!


I am the absolute worst at selecting paints. My family will attest to this fact. I cannot make a decision on paint (well on anything really) to save my life. So I was distraught over having to pick a paint simply from this little sample on Wise Owl’s website. I have been in the process of slowly redecorating our dining room. We got a beautiful farm table for my thirtieth birthday, a new light from Parrot Uncle, and thanks to our house fire, new curtains. I (think) I am going with a palette of neutral blues and grays so I thought that the vintage duck egg color was going to work great.

Wise Owl Chalk Paint Colors

So here’s the process, it is so easy!! Wipe down your project with a damp cloth. Let dry and assemble your supplies. All I used was paper towels to catch paint on the floor and this awesome cling on brush. Seriously guys, this brush is pretty awesome. It didn’t leave brush marks and didn’t drip!  I gave my table two good coats of paint and was amazed by the coverage. I was nervous since I was painting over such a dark color, but this covered easily.

Chalk Painted Accent Table

I used Wise Owl’s Black Walnut Glaze on the front of the drawers to match the dark distressing on the handles. Chalk Painted Accent Table

I got the handles at Hobby Lobby. Our closet store is over 45 minutes away, but well worth the drive! They have an awesome selection of knobs and draw pulls! Chalk Painted Accent Table

I am so happy with how the table turned out and am looking forward to finishing up our dining room! Now to pick a wall paint color…which could take me another six months!!


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27 thoughts on “Chalk Synthesis Painted Accent Table

  1. I am in love! So beautiful! Vintage Duck egg and joyful are my favorite 2 shades! Thanks so much for participating in this awesome event! I am so proud of you guys!

    1. Karen, I actually haven’t sealed it yet…I cannot decide if I want to use your hemp oil or the waxes! I have to decide here in the next couple of days!

    1. Thank you! I agree, so much better! I can’t believe I lived with the green for so long!

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