15 Simple DIY Projects for Students That Turn Out Amazing at a Lower Cost

Whereas many students take advantage of the summer vacations to relax and rejuvenate prior https://thatdrop.com/hulaween-festival-guide-set-times-map-app-and-insider-insight/to the opening of schools, many tend to get bored. For example, individuals with side hustles or part-time jobs are often happy when colleges break as they can spend most of their time in income-generating activities. However, stay-at-home moms (SHMs) constantly innovate activities that will keep their children busy.

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It’s for this reason that SHMs often introduce their kids to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to boost their creativity. Some individuals do the same for their young siblings, especially those at the elementary level. However, the question has been which options would be cost-effective. As such, this article has compiled a list of simple DIY projects for students that you can choose from without breaking your budget. In other words, you’ll need no more than $10 to purchase materials.

Top 10 DIY projects for students

1. Cork Sailboats

When schools break for summer, families comprising father, mother, and children, often visit different places ranging from animal parks to coastline regions. As such, you might want your kids or siblings to experience the same feeling while at home. For example, if you had sailed on your vacation, you might make a challenge for the children. In particular, avail necessary materials for constructing cork sailboats and let them do the projects themselves.

2. Bubble Wands

In case you’re one of the SHMs or college students who have ventured into the making and selling of bead bracelets, what will be the best DIY craft projects for your kids or siblings? Considering that you always want to save on costs and use available resources in these endeavors, you can choose to let your children or brothers and sisters create homemade bubble wands.

3. Birdy Flower Markers

College students, especially those pursuing degree programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), might want to apply concepts taught in class to create fun activities. For example, individuals pursuing a bachelor of science in architecture can let their siblings or children use extra papers to make Birdy Flower Markers. What’s more, if you’re responsible for developing models for your firm or employer at home, you can let your kid(s) or sibling(s) do these projects alongside you.

4. Ribbon Flower Headband

If you’re looking for DIY projects for students in high school that can inspire them into beauty, it will be best to consider the Ribbon Flower Headband. One of the reasons for choosing this option concerns it being low-priced and easy to make. Whether your child or sibling is a novice or expert crafter, they will find this project fun and engaging.

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5. Kid Made Dish Towels

Considering that art and design, involving decorations of items such as cutlery, curtains, bedsheets, and towels, pays a lot, you might want to impart these skills to your kids or siblings, especially if you’re pursuing a related program in college. You can start teaching children this craft by letting them decorate dish towels with a needle and string. However, your guidance is necessary since they will be handling sharp objects. The only way to teach them without jeopardizing your college grades by failing to submit your assignments and homework would be to contact a professional service. For example, CustomWritings can help with essay writing to handle your academic needs. As your sibling or kid continues learning the decoration of dish towels from you, you’ll be making progress in class as well!

6. Fun handprint Canvas Art Ideas

If you’re a teacher of art and craft at the elementary level, how can you make your pupils innovative? In such a case, you can give them a DIY project that entails using their handprints to come up with objects. For example, you can let your pupils develop a fish using their hands, whereby the fingers might represent fins and the palm could depict the body of the fish.

7. Dancing Puppets from a toilet paper roll

If your kid or sibling is 5 to 11 years old, you should consider giving them a project for developing a dancing puppet from a toilet paper roll. The final product of this exercise will excite them as many children often glare at inflatable promotional balloons in shopping stores and open markets.

8. DIY Bubble Blower Machine

This DIY project fosters a healthy lifestyle in children as they can run around to catch the bubbles. Regardless of the kids’ ages, they will find blowing bubbles to be exciting and enjoyable. As one of the DIY engineering projects, your children will need electronics, specifically a fan and motor.

9. Homemade Wobblebot

Every parent often strives to support a child’s passion or career dream. For example, if you notice that your kid is a robotic enthusiast, all you need is to purchase a hot glue gun with an x-Acto knife. He or she will use these materials to craft the Homemade Wobblebot. Although it might not stimulate their creativity, this activity will help him/her develop mechanical skills.

10. Homemade Spectroscope

In case you’re looking for DIY solar projects for your kids, you can challenge them to do light experiments, specifically a homemade spectroscope. All you need to do is ensure your children access a small piece of cardboard, paint, tape, scissor, empty paper towel rolls, a pencil, and an old CD. The good thing about this DIY project concerns materials being readily available.

Other 5 simple DIY projects for students

1. Paper Bag Kite

With paint, washi tape, stickers, and other decorations, you won’t need to spend your money to buy some toys like kites. All you need to do is let your children use paper lunch bags to craft a kite that can fly best during spring when trade winds flow from east to west..

2. Clay Crab Necklace

Everyone knows that toddlers and children run by interacting with the environment. Rather than letting them watch sea animals on television, which can be detrimental to their health, you should consider letting them craft clay crab necklaces. The materials needed for this DIY project include an eye hook, twine, and clay.

3. Cardboard Sun

Instead of keeping your children drawing solar system bodies every day, how about letting them develop one? Developing a cardboard sun is one of the DIY projects they require to start. You can also let them write down solar system bodies that they wish to develop in the near future.

4. Poured Paint Pots

During the weekends, you can let your child play with paints of different colors. In this case, you can let your child follow a recorded video for painting an upside-down bucket with multiple colors.

5. Cardboard Yarn Ornament

Sometimes, you might want your kids to try DIY projects for college students. In such a case, you need to give them detailed instructions in writing or audio. A good project start would be transforming the cardboard into a beautiful yarn ornament.

Final thought

While many might consider these DIY crafts as for students in high school, you can implement them to not only keep your children and siblings entertained but also boost their creativity. Your choice of the craft to implement will depend on your time and budget. However, concerning your school essays and homework, you don’t have to worry as CustomWritings got you! So, guide your children or siblings to implementing DIY projects.


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