Looking for an easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece? This project is simple, and is so versatile for your fall holiday table decor!

thanksgivingcenterpiece2Hey guys! I have a fun DIY for you today that I made for less than 5 dollars, with the main item being a 50 cent old beat up pie pan that I found at Goodwill! I debated on what to call this project. Is it a cake stand? A fruit platter? A centerpiece topiary? I have no idea really, but I do love how it turned out! My original plan was to use it as a fruit bowl in the kitchen. And then I liked the end result too much for it to hide in corner of my kitchen holding fruit.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I thought it would make a great centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table, the only catch is that we are currently tableless! We are receiving a beautiful new handmade table around Christmas time, and I ended up selling our current table so that I could purchase chairs for it in the meantime.

So while I think this easy DIY  Thanksgiving Centerpiece will look 
great on our table, I can only use my imagination for now 🙂 If you make this, please send me a picture so I can see it vicariously through your table!

So here’s what you need. A small wooden platter, an unfinished candlestick (both from Michael’s) chalk paint, chalk paint glaze, a pie pan,  wood glue, and either sand paper or a sanding block.


Start by covering the outside of your pie pan and the entire candlestick and platter with the white chalk paint. Put one good coat on and then let dry. Chalk paint dries very quickly, I think mine took less than 10 minutes. I didn’t paint the inside of my pie pan because I want it to remain food safe.


Slap some glaze in spots on all three painted materials. Put in on edges and places were you think would show natural age. Let glaze dry then take your sanding block to it and remove the paint and glaze from spots until you get a look that you like.


I really roughed up the pie pan to remove both the glaze and the paint.

cakestand3Next, use your wood glue and glue the candlestick on top of the platter.


Now, in this picture you can see that I put glue around the metal insert for the candle. Originally, I kept the cup in there and then found that it made too uneven of a surface for the glue to adhere to. I used pliers to remove the cup from the candlestick and then reglued it. I would recommend removing the cup before glueing. Once you have glue around your candlestick, turn it upside down and place right in the center of the bottom of your pie pan. Put heavy books on top and let dry overnight. I recommend using Gorilla Wood Glue because it is the strongest glue I have found.


Once dry, fill with whatever you like and place on your table! I love these mini pumpkins! These would be the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. It would also look adorable filled with cookies, cupcakes or mini desserts on a dessert table.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving CenterpieceI put it on a bench in my dining room with a table runner and pretended it was my table to take these pictures for you! We may have our new table for Christmas, so maybe I will fill it with some Christmasy things and use it for our Christmas breakfast table when the time comes! I hope you try this Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece and that it finds a place on your holiday table!


 Want to save this project for later? Use this pinnable image! 

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece made from an old pie pan and a candle stick!

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