It’s time for another post on our little girl’s room for the $100 Room Challenge: Week 3!

$100 Room Challenge: A Little Girl's Room

I can’t believe it is already week 3! Since I missed week 1 and jumped in on the second week, I feel super behind! Last week, I showed you the before shots of our older daughter’s bedroom and this week I will update you on our progress…hah. There isn’t much!

I purchased things for the room! That counts as progress right! I ordered these adorable modern triangles from my favorite wall decal company, Polka Dot Wall Stickers.

We used their polka dot decals in our baby’s nursery  and I am excited to be able to use their products again. I am not sure which wall we are putting these on yet, but will hopefully get to work on it this week!

I have had two things tucked away for months that I had planned to use in this room. I found an adorable bed canopy on sale at Target late last year and picked it up! It is listed at $35 now but I got it for $20!

I am embarrassed to say how long ago I purchased these shelves, its probably been over a year! I am so excited about them though because they match the two that are already on the wall! The original set is from IKEA and when I went to buy another set, I found out they were discontinued! I was so upset! (the shelves in the blurred background of this photo)

Well one day I was strolling the aisles at Goodwill and found the exact same ones! They are black, but nothing a little can of spray paint can’t fix! I did a coat of paint on them last week, but with the blizzard this week, I haven’t been able to get outside and finish them!

Thank goodness there are five weeks in March because I certainly won’t be ready for a reveal next week!! Here’s hoping to lots of progress this week!

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7 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge: Week 3

    1. I think it is going to be so cute! Just need to get moving!!

  1. Those wall decals are adorable! (And shopping totally counts as progress!) The canopy? Also adorable. Hope the weather warms up a bit so you can finish painting… I always wonder why we’re not still living in Arizona when it’s bitter cold outside.

  2. You can do it! (I am writing that as much to encourage you to finish this challenge as for my own benefit. I am no-where near done.) I love the direction this space is going – and hooray for thrift store finds!

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