$100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Closet Edition Week 4

It’s Week Four of the $100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Closet Edition and we are only one week away from the reveal!$100 Room Challenge: A Little Girl's Room

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I didn’t get a post up for week 3 last week. My daughter was super sick and my closet was just not my top priority. A lot has happened since I last updated you so I’ll share the highlights!

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$100 Room Challenge Master Bedroom Closet Edition

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$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Reveal!

$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Reveal!

We had a major win this week and also a major fail.

If you follow me on Instastories, you’ll see that I completely changed the look of my jewelry area for basically no money! I used a roll of faux marble contact paper from Lowe’s to cover the shelf area. It completely transforms the space! I also cleaned out and purged tons of unwanted and broken jewelry. So I can buy more keep the area less cluttered. This area is definitely a major win. If you’re not sure which area I’m referring this, its this little messy gem. This is the before photo!


Onto my fail of the week. In keeping with my budget, I ordered a very nice rustic looking light off Amazon for $19. When it arrived, I thought it looked great and knew the size would be perfect! But during installation, the realities of a $19 light began to appear. The wiring was so cheap and my husband said he did not think it was safe. We had a fire in our house a few years ago so I decided it was definitely not worth the risk to stay on budget. I am in search of another budget friendly light now, and if I have to go over budget a little in order to stay safe, I am okay with that!

The painting is finished, and when I say finished, I realized that only the main section of the closet was going to be painted very quickly into this project. The wood sucked up the paint so much and needed more than four coats. It was terrible. So while I would have loved to paint the other two sections, I ran out of paint quickly and didn’t have an additional budget to get more. Just this messy area got painted.


I ordered a bunch of storage items from Amazon and picked up a few at HomeGoods and they seem to be working well. I am feeling so much more organized now and just need to put a few additional finishing touches on this project! I think with only a couple more hours of work, it will all be done! I am absolutely loving these skirt hangers! I am a pencil skirt hoarder and these work perfectly! 

Skirt Hangers

Skirt Hangers


These high backed bins are making it really easy for me to see what’s in each bin. I love that I don’ t have to dig through an entire stack and make a mess.

Trapezoid Storage


Budget Breakdown:

Paint and Supplies : Free (I used all leftover items)

Contact Paper: Already Had

3 Green Storage Bins $19.99 (amazon)

Metal Baskets $20.00 (tjmaxx)

Fabric Box $9.99 (tjmaxx)

Velvet Hangers $7.99 (I already had a ton of these, just needed to order an additional pack of 35)

Plastic Tank Top Bin: $7.99

Skirt Hangers $16.99

Light: Returned

Total: $86.99

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  1. Oh no, now you have me worried about the cheap light that I ordered on Amazon.

    I have those hangers for my skirts too. They’re amazing. 🙂

    1. I am disappointed because it looked so nice! But safety is definitely more important! My husband is an electrical engineer so he’s picky about lighting and wiring!

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