$100 Room Challenge: A Little Girl’s Room

Excited to be doing another room makeover for the $100 Room Challenge: A Little Girl’s Room!

$100 Room Challenge: A Little Girl's Room


I am so excited to be joining in with my friends again this month to complete another $100 Room Challenge! I am a week late (the challenge started last week! oops!) but I am ready this week to get this party started. I am still so thrilled with how our last room came out! In January, I spent only $100 and transformed our Master Bedroom. With that budget, I created a new focal wall with curtains, got new lamps, and added two new nightstands!! This month, I am taking on our older daughter’s room. She just turned five and is ready for a room update! When we completed our nursery last year, her room got a fresh coat of pink paint, much to my dismay. When we had moved in, I painted her room a beautiful aqua color but she begged and pleaded for pink.

So to help offset all the attention her baby sister was getting, I gave in and painted her room pink. She loves it, so everyone is happy!

So here’s the biggest problem with her room and I bet most mommas can agree with me…too much stuff. Figurines, collectibles, school art projects, books, doll shoes, tiny little scraps of paper that are SO important, basically, you could find anything in this room.





Here’s my plan. Add some more shelving to hold some of her treasures, some new artwork to spice up the walls behind her bed, pack up some of the figurines, add a nightstand, and maybe a fun wall treatment. I am excited to see what we come up with for only $100! Adele has some great ideas, so hopefully I can make it happen!

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