Quick Tip Tuesday: Two Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Shopping

For this week’s edition of Quick Tip Tuesday, I am sharing my favorite two easy ways to save money on your shopping! One easy way is for groceries and the other is for online shopping! These easy money savers require barely any effort and truly save a ton of money!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Sharing my favorite organization tips, cleaning ideas, shopping savers and general mom hacks!This post isn’t sponsored by either company, I just love these easy money savers so much that I had to share them!

I am not a coupon clipper. We don’t get the newspaper and I have no interest in scouring ads for deals and then trying to match them up at stores! These two easy money saving methods are so much easier than using coupons!

Two Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Shopping, without using coupons!

Have you seen those commercials for Ebates? It isn’t a scam or anything shady. It seriously works. All you do is go to their site, sign up for an account and search the stores you want to shop. If you find one that has cash back listed, just click on it and it takes you directly to the retailers site. That’s it!

Ebates will keep track of your shopping trip and will keep a wallet of the money you’ve accumulated. A few times of a year, the balance gets transferred to your PayPal account. I am attaching an actual screen shot from my computer so you can see I really use it! Check out that lifetime cash back amount, $203!! Sign up for Ebates here!

Ibotta is another great cash back app. I use this one for both shopping and grocery shopping. If you buy anything that they currently have offers for, you can scan your receipt to get a cash back amount. Again, no scam, no gimmicks, just easy peasy money. I use the App version of this site and anytime my money accumulates to $20, I transfer it to my PayPal account. I have made at least $200 on this app! It is seriously so easy. I am shocked that more people don’t use it! Sign up for Ibotta here!

I also save a ton of money by grocery shopping online. I will share my process for that soon too!

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  1. Thank you for the information on Ebates and Ibotta! I’d be interested in your opinion of the alternate program that appears to pay more and is featured at http://www.MoneyBackPlus.com. They pay a matching bonus on the purchases made by those whom you refer. There’s also a comparison wtih Ebates at the bottom of the Compensation Plan page.

    1. Hi Brian! I haven’t tried Money Back Plus but will definitely look into it!

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