One Room Challenge: Week 4 The Nursery Progress

Guys, it is week four of the One Room Challenge. Seriously, how did this happen? After a lackluster performance report last week, I am feeling much better about our progress this week! We got a ton done and I feel like we are heading to the finish line. Although next week at this time I will probably be crying in the glider in the corner and feeling like nothing is done!


For the less exciting updates, we installed our new blinds and they are awesome. I was upset about the big price tag for something like blinds, but they really make the room pitch black! They also promise to keep cold air out, so that’s another plus. These are the Levolor Thermal Black Out Blinds in White. We had them custom cut at Lowe’s.

The crib is put together and in the room!! It looks so good and I can’t wait to show you it! I am waiting for the bedding to arrive to give it its big reveal so you will have to wait a few more weeks!

I also finally decided on the carpeting. I am not kidding when I say that I am the worst decision maker of all time. If we weren’t doing the One Room Challenge, I probably would have obsessed over the colors for months. The deadline of a May 12th reveal really pushed my butt into gear. I should hear from the installers this week and hopefully next week will have a carpeted room to share.

I received this beautiful print from the Etsy Shop Busy Bee Design Crafts. I cannot wait to hang this in our gallery wall. I picked this print because I love the saying. I mentioned in one of our first nursery posts that we struggled with infertility while trying to conceive this baby. It was a terrible journey to go through, but am so happy to come out on the other side. This saying is perfect because it is exactly how I feel. We wished and wished for this baby and she is coming true. Thank you so much to Busy Bee for providing this beautiful print for our nursery. Check out her shop! She has a ton of other beautiful prints!


Here is the most exciting part of the whole week. My order from Minted.Com arrived and the items seriously couldn’t be any more beautiful! I am honestly blown away by the quality. The fabric on these curtains and pillows make the other linens in my home feel super sub-par. Check out these beautiful Moroccan Ziliaj curtains. They are in coral and are adorable.
orccurtainsI think I am going to tie them back, which I don’t normally do, but I think it will look cute and girly for our baby girl. I am thinking of using these beaded tassels I found at Michael’s. Am I crazy? Is this weird? Please give it to me straight!

curtaintiebacksI ordered pillows for a book nook for our nursery too, and again, the quality is amazing. They are cotton canvas and I think they will be so easy to wipe clean. I still have some work to do on this nook before the reveal, but you can see the hints of a canopy! My four year old is already testing out this spot for her baby sister!


I had planned to place the polka dots on the walls this weekend, but we never got to it. Again, it is mostly because I can’t make a decision and don’t know if I want to do them even and all lined up or scattered. I have been working with Jesse from Polka Dot Wall Stickers and he is the best. He responds so quickly and they have a great variety on their website! I think I will be ordering more products to spice up our basement playroom and my four year old’s “big girl room.”

So what do we still need to do? Here is my to do list:

Have carpet installed

Add embellishment/paint wood for book nook canopy

Assemble and hang book shelves

Add new hardware to furniture (Hickory Hardware is providing us with these beauties!)

Add bedding to the crib (MoxFox is providing the cutest crib skirt and I ordered this sheet)

Make curtain tie backs

Add polka dots to walls (Polka Dots provided by Polka Dot Wall

Change receptacles to white

Hang gallery wall

Accessorize Room (I got some great pieces from Jerome’s Furniture)
This weekend is our Easter (we are Orthodox) so I don’t expect much progress! We are hosting dinner for our extended family, so I will be busy cooking, cleaning, and resting my poor back that is struggling with this pregnancy! I hope to get some things done this week, but I seem to be much more motivated on Saturdays! I seem to fall asleep every afternoon when I had planned to be productive!!

Don’t forget to check out the other participants over at Linda’s blog, Calling it Home!

And I have to give a giant thank you to all of Old House to New Home’s One Room Challenge Sponsors! See their links above my to-do list!

One Room Challenge Sponsors

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27 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 4 The Nursery Progress

    1. Thank you Lizzie!! They are making the room look so much more finished!

  1. Looks like you got some lovely sponsors to provide pieces for the nursery. That is always a big help. The curtains may have been pricey but I know it makes you happy to have it in the space. It will come together nicely.

    1. Thanks Zan!I do have amazing sponsors! I am so thankful for their beautiful products!!

    1. Thank you for weighing in!! I think they are cute sometimes my ideas are a little odd 🙂 Youre right about the texture! The pillows are all from Minted! I am obsessed with them. The quality is serious amazing!

    1. Thank you! And I love her shop! She has the cutest printables!

    1. I am so excited to get the polka dots up! I just need to pull the trigger and get started on them!

    1. Yes! I normally dont tie back my curtains, but I like the girly touch it brings!

  2. This is looking so great! I am curious a about the final reveal and how it will look all together. I also see that a lot of #oneroomchallenge guest participants asked for sponsorship from different places and got them… I should have done that too. I only asked Hygge & West and they did give me a big discount. Lesson learned. Congrats on how everything is looking! Very nice.

    1. Thanks Mila! I can’t wait to see it come completely together!

  3. I love the tassel! And I think it’s great that your daughter will be able to have some space in the room where she can chill while you do baby stuff – I know it’s intended for baby but I’ve always found if you make space for the older kids they aren’t climbing on you when you need to be with baby. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

    1. Yes Kourtney! I didn’t think of it when I first planned it, but now that I see how much she likes the spot, I am so happy it is there! She will have a comfy place to play while I nurse the baby!

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