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Looking for a fun party idea? Try Holiday Entertaining with a Bacon Bar!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smithfield. as always, all opinions are my own.Five Ways to Throw A Bacon Bar Party AD SmithfieldBaconBar

Make sure to check out the end of the post to find out how you can win free bacon for an entire year! 

Holiday Entertaining with a Bacon Bar

Holiday entertaining season is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to come up with new ideas for parties. Sometimes I like to serve easy appetizers, have a sit down dinner, a casual taco bar, or even ask guests to bring dishes for a potluck. Those methods are all tried and true and are always a hit, but want to really knock the socks off your guests? How about a…wait for it….a bacon bar!!

That’s a ridiculously good idea, isn’t it? Everyone loves bacon, so it is sure to be a welcome surprise. Speaking of everyone loving bacon, I have a confession. For the first 30 years of my life, I wasn’t bacon’s biggest fan. I would eat it once in a while, but wasn’t really into it. I could definitely take it or leave it. Well, with my 2nd pregnancy, I craved bacon. Thick cut, super crispy bacon. I tried my first bacon cheeseburger a few months into the pregnancy, and I was sold. I couldn’t believe that I had gone so long in life without eating bacon! Now, I can’t get enough!

Holiday Entertaining with a Bacon Bar

So how can you make your own Bacon Bar? Start with some Smithfield Bacon and create some delicious bacon flavors. Here are some idea starters!

Maple Bourbon, Beer Baked, Peanut Butter Dipped, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Chocolate Dipped

Or check out Smithfield’s Bacon Bar page for tons of recipes and ideas!

Set out all your bacon flavors beautifully displayed in some mason jars. The clear jars are the perfect vessel to hold up your bacon! Don’t forget chalkboard labels! You can print these directly from Smithfield’s Bacon Bar Page!

 Holiday Entertaining with a Bacon Bar

If you want something more filling in addition to your flavored bacon, Smithfield has a ton of delicious recipes like Bacon Twists with Gouda and Apricot Preserves!

Here are some great ideas for how you can entertain with a Bacon Bar!

A New Year’s Eve Countdown Bacon Bar

Invite your friends over for New Year’s Eve but with a twist. While counting down the hours to Midnight, bring out new additions to the bacon bar. By the time the clock strikes 12, have at least 12 different types of bacon or bacon recipes on your bar! Have some light appetizers to round out the menu like my marinated tomato crostini! Add some bacon to it and you have the most delicious BLTs.


A PJ Party Bacon Bar

Have a kid who loves bacon? Invite their friends over to celebrate Christmas break and wow them with a Bacon Bar. Have them wear their jammies and serve some traditional breakfast foods alongside a bunch of different types of bacon. My mini maple pancake muffins would be perfect alongside the Bacon Bar!

Whole Wheat Mini Pancake Muffins

A Pig Out Potluck Party

Everyone loves to pig out, but what better than on pig?! Have everyone bring a different type of flavored bacon to the party. Have the bar already assembled and have labels out for your friends to label their bacon creation.

baconbar4Blind Bacon Testing Party

This is a fun one! Make up a bunch of different bacon flavors but don’t label them! Have your friends taste test the flavors and guess what the flavor is. The person or couple who identifies the most wins a prize!

Bacon Exchange Party

Love cookie exchanges? Mix it up with a bacon exchange! Like the potluck party, have guests bring their favorite flavored bacon recipe in cute carry out containers for exchanging!

Holiday Entertaining with a Bacon Bar

{Printable Labels and Recipes Here!}


Want free bacon for a year? One lucky reader of this post will receive a coupon booklet valued at over $400 for free bacon! Just check out Smithfield’s Bacon Bar Website and tell me in the comments which recipe looks the best to you! I will select a winner next week!

This is a sponsored post for Smithfield, as always, all opinions are my own.

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78 thoughts on “Holiday Entertaining with a Bacon Bar

  1. Cherry Bacon Jam with Thyme and Cloves…. Cherries AND Bacon? There’s gonna be a party in my belly.

  2. Oh my goodness. It’s very hard to choose when I’m drooling over bacon and recipes but I have to say the
    Cherry Bacon Jam with Thyme and Cloves sounds fantastic especially since I think cloves would taste SO good along with Thyme and BACON. Jam with Bacon, Cloves and Thyme .. yes please!

  3. Crispy Bacon Twists with Gouda and Apricot Preserves — bacon and cheese = both obsessions of mine! Thanks for the chance!!

  4. This is my kinda party! What a fun idea to have the entire party fare revolve around bacon?! I’d definitely be adding the blind taste test identifying game to my bacon party.

  5. Can’t decide between Caramelized Bourbon Bacon or the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Over Pasta with Lime Butter Sauce or the Bacon-Wrapped Peaches with Balsamic-Honey Glaze and Basil. I will just have to try them all…

    1. That pasta recipe sounds incredible! I can’t eat shrimp but think I am going to try it with chicken!

  6. The bacon waffle bake , bacon jam, and caremelized bacon look delicious. If I won I would make every single bacon recipe. My fam LOVE bacon!

    1. My four year old just discovered how delicious bacon is and keeps asking me to make it with dinner!! I need all these recipes so I don’t run out of ideas!

  7. I was looking for a spicy, sweet recipe like honey and jalapeno Bacon but the chipotle one did look good. My favorite though would definitely have to be the Carmelized Bourbon Bacon. That looked so good. I feel like I could get addicted to it quite easily.

  8. I was hoping for a spicy, sweet recipe like a honey jalapeno. I did like the look of the Chipotle recipe but the one that really stood out was the Carmelized Bourbon Bacon. I feel like I could get addicted to that quite easily.

  9. I have to go with Crispy Bacon Twists with Gouda and Apricot Preserves. Bacon and cheese, you can’t go wrong! And the sweetness of the preserves would be the ultimate touch!

    1. The apricot is such a good combo with the salty bacon and cheese, you’re right!

  10. Crispy Bacon Twists with Gouda and Apricot Preserves Looks amazing!!! Something I could actually make and super unique! Plus what a great party food!

  11. The Crispy Bacon Twists with Gouda and Apricot Preserves recipe sounds and looks delicious. Definitely going to try and make this for the husband one weekend. Can’t wait to try it I’m sure it will be yummy.

  12. There are so many things that go well with bacon so a bacon bar would be perfect! I would love to try this at my home. I have a lot of ideas of what I think bacon would go well with and one I already know that I love is syrup, it just goes so well together!

  13. I love your bacon bar. It’s genius. I don’t know anyone in my family that doesn’t eat bacon. My hubby is addicted to it. It’s low-carb too.

  14. Wow! Free bacon for a year. I know someone who would really love that. Lol! Makes a meal great.

  15. I think I need to try the twice baked sweet potato with the bacon! I need to win this bacon since I’m addicted to it with shredded brussel sprouts! Now I might be addicted to it on sweet potatoes?

  16. Oh, WOW! Having a bacon bar sounds like an amazing way to have a party! Everyone in my family but my oldest daughter loves bacon and they would be so excited if we had a bacon bar. Your marinated tomato crostini sounds amazing! I am going to have to try them for our next party.

    1. That crostini is so good! It looks so elegant too but is really easy!

  17. My family and I love Smithfield bacon!!!!
    Every recipe looks and sounds delicious.
    I’d love to prepare them all…
    I think my favorite would be the crispy bacon twist with Gouda and apricot preserves.(Such a flavorful combination)I’d love to win!!!❤️
    Congratulations in advance to the winner of this wonderful contest!!! And thanks for the opportunity

  18. OHMYGOSH Seriously How Can we Choose Just One Of Those Bacon Recipes!?!!
    That Page Was Bacon Heaven! I Would First Try The Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Over Pasta With Lime Butter Sauce! How Amazing Does That Sound?
    Next I Would Try The Orange Laced French Toast Cassarole With Carmelized bacon.
    I would then keep going down that List of recies and then look soe more up to use Smithfields Deelicious Bacon With!

  19. Crispy Bacon Twists with Gouda and Apricot Preserves looks amazing! Reminds me of when we had an apricot tree as a kid!

  20. Is a girl allowed to have a bacon bar every day of the week? I am drooling over the idea of all this bacon! Yum, yum! I don’t think there is any other protein I enjoy more than bacon.

  21. I’ve got to admit that Smithfield IS my favorite bacon without anything special done to it at all, but the Carmelized Bourbon Bacon looks pretty yummy!

  22. They both sound amazing, but if I have to choose, I would go with the crispy bacon twists, how can you go wrong with bacon, bread, and cheese!

  23. I’d have a hard time choosing between the Caramelized Bourbon Bacon and the Bacon Twists. The chalkboard labels are adorable!

  24. Recently I have discovered beef bacon. It tastes just as amazing as the pork bacon but it’s the unique factor that’s making it quite more addicting. Setting up a bacon bar requires creativity in mind and focusing on what friends would love.

  25. Our whole family loves bacon! My youngest refers to it as “beef.” I want to try the recipe for the mini maple muffins! They look delicious!

  26. I haven’t try the crispy bacon but I’m sure it’s so yummy and I love to have a bacon bar on our family reunion. I’m so glad that you share this with us.

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