Looking for a great gift idea for preschoolers? Any of these gift ideas will make the little one’s on your Christmas list happy!

Mom and Four Year Old Approved! The Ultimate List of Great Gift Ideas for Preschoolers!

I asked the expert, my daughter, what are some Great Gift Ideas for Preschoolers and she knocked it out of the park! Now that it is November, it is time to focus on Christmas! I love everything about the holidays…the decor, the food, the shopping, and especially the gift giving. I look forward to Christmas shopping all year. I love finding the perfect gifts for everyone in my family. Honestly, the easiest person to shop for is my daughter because four year old girls like everything, seriously. She has been making her list for months and it is time to narrow it down! Here are some of my picks for great gifts for preschoolers!

This list is a combination of toys we have and love, toys my daughter has picked out for this year, and things that I like 🙂

If you are shopping online, don’t forget to use Ebates! I have gotten hundreds of dollars of cash back from them and it is truly so easy! 

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cozy-headshots-sept-2016-_30-of-131_-x2_grandeI found these awesome CozyPhones on Facebook. My daughter loves to wear headphones but she has trouble with the earbuds falling out. We have tried the big old school puffy headphones too and they were all cheaply made and fell apart, but these CozyPhones are perfect. They stay in, are comfy, and the sound quality is great. The headphones are inside a soft and cozy fleece headband and they are also super cute! They have different animals as well.


One of my favorite gifts that Adele has ever received is a subscription to Koala Crate. These are boxes that are delivered monthly full of full learning and craft activities. You can subscribe based on the ages of children you have. Now that she is older, I am thinking she would love the Kiwi Crate which has more advanced activities. This is such a different gift and parents will love that it is just not another toy!

81didt19mal-_sl1500_The Paw Patrol Air Patroller is highly coveted item in our home. I love that this toy is gender neutral so whenever we have friends over, we have a few toys that boys enjoy too! We got the Paw Patroller last year and of course, we must have the Air Patroller to complete the set. This year there is the Sea Patroller too!

81n9ooteivl-_sl1500_My daughter is most excited about this Best Friend Max toy from the movie the Secret Life of Pets. This toy does look adorable and I love the fact that you can walk him on a leash. I think this toy will sell out quickly. It seems like one of those “must have” types of toys so I would definitely pick this one up in November!

91fwe0edwtl-_sl1500_I am so glad Cabbage Patch Dolls are back because I loved them as a child! This Cabbage Patch Baby So Real is adorable, albeit a bit pricey, so I will be looking for sales on this toy! Both my daughter and my niece have been asking for this toy so I think it will be very popular with little girls!

81b-kxcyqll-_sl1500_Two years ago my daughter received a LeapPad for Christmas and she is still playing with it. I love that she gets to use technology but is still learning. There are a big variety of games and they are all aged appropriately. I much prefer her using this to an Ipad and think it is a great beginner tablet for young kids. It is also super durable and has taken many falls! I love this Letter Factory Game but most of the games have been great. There are a few dud games (I’m looking at you Minnie Mouse) but the rest are fun, engaging, and educational.       91svulsqcdl-_sl1500_

Some of the toys that my daughter has picked out seem a little lame, but this Snuggle My Dream Puppy is actually pretty cute. The puppy opens his eyes, moves his head, and even breathes. This is another toy that may be hard to find come December, so I’d get it now! I am definitely going to be picking it up early.

81hosun-9dl-_sl1500_I think we are finally ready to graduate from the Duplos to the Lego Juniors. I am nervous about 1 million little Lego pieces around my house, but love the imagination and creativity that Legos require. Much better than watching tv all day! This House Building set looks like a good set to start with!

81-l1l4cjdl-_sl1500_We got this Disney Junior Super Stretchy Game last year and it is just like Twister but with Disney characters as the spots. It is really fun and involves the whole family. I love watching my super tall husband try to twist himself around on this mat!

17094432This V-Tech Kidizoom Camera looks like the perfect toy for this age bracket. I know my daughter loves to take pictures on my phone, but I worry so much about her dropping it! I also don’t love scrolling through my photos and finding 74 pictures of her big toe. Having her own kid camera would be great!

71kd2cwf2fl-_sl1500_If you want to take the camera a step further, this VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch has a camera, video camera, games, and challenge courses! This is high on my daughter’s wish list but I think it would be more fun for the 5-6 year old, so maybe we will wait till next year for this one. If you have a kindergartner, I think this would be the perfect gift.

81gmlxv28l-_sl1500_Is the Lion Guard a TV favorite in your house too? I love that it continues the story of Simba, who was one of my favorite Disney characters when I was younger. The show is super cute and has a great message about teamwork. This game is 3-D and looks really fun! We love playing board games and I think this Protect the PrideLands Game would be a great one to add to the list!

You always need a few new books for Christmas and The Day The Crayons Quit is a family favorite in our house. The story line is so cute! The crayons each write letters to their owner Duncan to air their grievances. Some are overworked and some want to be used more! It is a really adorable story.

I hope that Christmas shopping is going well for you and that some of these picks are helpful! Check out some more great selections below! Great Gifts for Preschoolers

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44 thoughts on “Great Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

  1. Thank you for this list! Do you know if the Koala Crate is available in Canada? It looks like such an awesome idea. I would love to get it for my daughter! – or maybe let grandparents get it as they are never sure what to buy!

  2. I no longer have preschool children in the house! But I was a preschool teacher for many years. My favorite gifts were puzzles or things that entertained them for more than 3 minutes at a time!

    1. YES! My four year old loves to get out toys, get them all set up, and then play with them for 3 minutes. It kills me!

  3. That Koala Crate looks super cool! My son already has the Paw Patrol plane. He loves it! Great list!

  4. Toys sure have changed since I was a kid. While we don’t have any little ones of our own, we do have some little ones in the family! This is a great roundup!

  5. okay I would totally wear cozyphones. Especially for winter runs! HAHA but what a great idea for kids!
    I love the paw patroller. I know nothing about the show except that all my neices and nephews love it!

  6. Oh my gosh, this is just what I needed. My niece would love the “My Best Friend Max” dog! This is right up her alley. You are saving me some Christmas shopping time, my friend.

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! My daughter cannot stop talking about Max! I hope Santa brings him 🙂

  7. My daughter would love those headphones. I am definitely adding those to our list as well as the dog that moves its head and breathes.

  8. My daughter and son love the camera. I need to get that headband for my daughter, great stocking stuffer!!

  9. some fab choices and options here! Although not just for preschoolers, I need to see if that unicorn headband comes in adult sizes, it’s amazing!!!

  10. Even though my boys aren’t toddlers anymore or even preschoolers, they would still love that Best Friend Max toy. These are all such great ideas.

  11. Holiadays are coming and I’am a last minute shopping. Kids will surely love these ideas.

  12. This is really helpful tips, this would be perfect for my niece she will love this fun ideas.

  13. A great list of toys and activities for the younger set! I like the Super Stretchy game especially since I was always a fan of Twister.

    1. Add the browser extension to your computer and it flashes when you are on a site that offers ebates! Makes it so easy!

  14. Dude, I love ebates! We use them all the time! And this gift guide is perfect since I have a little gal at home and grandparents looking for ideas.

    1. Me too! I cannot believe that there are people out there who still aren’t using it!!

    1. I love vtech too! We have their baby monitor as well and it is fantastic!

  15. Ooo so many great gift suggestions!!!! My daughter loves lego juinors and she also loves her leap pad!!!

  16. These are totally great! I have a nephew who really wants the smart watch! Great that they make them for kids too!

    1. The smart watch commercial is super catchy…I can see why so many kids want it!

  17. There are so many fun products for little kids these days — people are SO creative. My nieces and nephews are just little too young for this just yet but pretty soon they’ll be loving it, I’m sure!!!

    1. There really are so many great products!! It is so hard to narrow down lists because there are so many great toys out there!

  18. That’s all so awesome! I love toys that are fun and educational at the same time, it makes learning fun for the kids, without a doubt! I really appreciate this list.

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