A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Decorations

See how easy and inexpensive it is to DIY Mickey  Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Decorations!
Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

I cannot believe that my sweet little girl turns two this week. I know everyone says it, but seriously, where does the time go? One of Adele’s favorite things is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I knew that Mickey Mouse would be a great theme for her party.

I vowed that I was keeping her party smaller and simpler than last year. For her first birthday, we rented a room and had over 60 guests. While the party turned out great, I felt like I did not get to enjoy it as much as I should have because I was so busy. This year, by having it at our home and inviting less people, it was definitely much more relaxed and easier to prepare for.

I am so grateful that we now have a home where we can invite so many people over. We decided to set up the food tables in the dining room and to set up the tables for people to eat in the foyer.

I couldn’t decide if I should do the bright Clubhouse colors or just strictly stick with Mickey’s colors of red, yellow, and black. We  ended up going with the bright colors, with a focus on red and yellow.

Mickey Mouse Garland

These were easy, I just traced a Mickey Mouse outline on colored card stock and cut them out. I then attached them with glue dots to fishing wire, so they looked like they were floating.
mickey mouse birthday party


mickey mouse garlandmickey mouse decorations


Mickey Head Centerpieces

mickey mouse table decorationsI purchased big styrofoam balls at Walmart and the smaller pieces at the Dollar Tree. I had planned to spray paint these black, but learned that spray paint just melts the foam, so I instead brushed it on with acrylic paint. Half way through these, I figured out that it covers better if you instead squirted a bunch of paint out on a plate and then rolled the foam in the big paint blob. Once dried, I attached the ear pieces to the head pieces with tooth picks. The paper straws are from Michael’s  dollar bins, and I just shoved them through the foam heads and then put additional styrofoam into the bucket to anchor the straw into. The Mickey buckets were 1.70 paint buckets from Lowe’s and the ribbon was from Michael’s. I added the white “buttons” by using a circle punch.

I surrounded the buckets with table runners. This was an easy DIY. They are no sew and I just cut the fabric into large rectangles and finished the edges by using hem tape. I cut out Mickey characters to sprinkle around the tables. I purchased Mickey scrap book paper and cut the characters into squares.

We also had a Mickey Piñata, purchased from Amazon and the Clubhouse Balloons were purchased from there as well. If you don’t have Amazon Prime for the free shipping, you absolutely need it! It is a must have for our family! You can sign up for a $3 30 day trial here! Trust me, the free shipping seriously pays for itself!
mickey mouse decor
mickey mouse balloons
diy mickey mouse treat bags
Finally, I made Mickey treat bags for all the kids to put their pinata candy in. I purchased red treat bags from Walmart, traced Mickey heads onto black card stock and used a craft punch for the white buttons.

Adele was so excited about all the decorations and was so proud of her Mickey party, which made everything, especially all the cutting of little Mickey heads, worth it! Tomorrow I will share the Mickey Menu and everything that went along with the food!

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  1. Hi! It looks great! I love the center pieces! Do you know what size buckets and Styrofoam balls you used? I’m ordering them online and having a hard time picking a size because I can’t see them in person.

    1. Hi Lauren! I don’t remember the exact size, but I would say the buckets were about a foot tall and six inches in diameter. The styrofoam balls were about 6-8 inches in diameter and the small ears were about 3-4 inches. Sorry I can’t be more exact! I made these two years ago and don’t still have them intact! I would love to see yours when they are finished!

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