$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Week 2

Ready to see my progress in the $100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom? It’s Week 2 already!

$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Edition

Guys, this is harder than I thought. $100 seems like plenty for a room makeover, except when you need new furniture! Here’s the before shot if you didn’t catch last week’s post.

$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom EditionHonestly, the main reason I picked this room is because the mismatched hand-me-down nightstands drove me crazy. It was very bachelor-esque or much more appropriate in a starter home. So when I started looking for nightstands, I realized there was no way I was going to find quality furniture for under $100 and then have any money left for the rest of the room! I really didn’t want laminate or wood veneer so I went with what I thought was the best option, two IKEA Rast dressers.


Now, I know IKEA isn’t the fanciest of furniture, but these nightstands are solid wood and only 34.99! I can finish them and customize them however I would like. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but Pinterest has some great options! I don’t want to spend too much time finishing these and would rather keep it simple, but want them to look great as well. Here are some great options I found.


{Can’t find source for this one}





What do you think? Should I paint them? A mix of paint and stain? I love gray furniture but I purchased gray lamps and our bedspread is gray. Too much gray then? I want to use paint and primer that I already have to save some money but am looking for suggestions!

Here’s some good news! I was able to sell our current nightstands for $35 and sold our lamps for $20! So that gives me a little additional money in the budget!

Total Spend:

2 Ikea Rast Dressers: 69.98

2 Lamps: $50

Profit: -$55

Total: $64.98

So I have about $30 left and need to get a curtain rod and some other odds and ends. We will see how this week goes! I am hoping the nightstand arrive and I can get started on them! Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s posts this week as well!


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20 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Week 2

  1. Great idea using dressers for night stands! I’ve seen some pretty great IKEA rast makeovers including some of the ones you are showing here. Can’t wait to see what you do.

    1. I am thinking a mixture of stain and paint is the way to go! I would love to see yours!

  2. Smart move to sell some stuff. Love the way your think! l love Facebook Yardsale , I love the dresser without the source lol… Can’t wait to see the outcome.

  3. I love the white one with the black top, but any of them are great! I love a good Ikea hack and I am looking forward to see how you choose to finish them!

  4. Isn’t it crazy how the same piece of furniture can look so different depending on how you finish it?? I’m redoing our master bedroom later this spring and might keep this in mind for our nightstands! I’m a fan of painted with a stained top!

  5. Way to go on selling your previous night stands and lamp. You’re practically Even Steven and this point. I’ve always loved the stain and paint combo myself. I liked #1’s style, maybe with white instead of gray..?

  6. Can’t wait to see what you do to the Ikea dressers! Ps. what a great idea to sell your old items you don’t want for extra money in the budget!

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