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Are you ready to see a never before seen room here on the blog?! Not only have you never seen this room, but you have never even seen this floor in the house! Part of the reason that I fell in love with this house was because of the third floor. It has all these beautiful angles in the ceiling, lots of original features such as an awesome light fixture, and two full bedrooms with a large storage room in between. We have such big plans for this space and would love to turn that storage space into a jack and jill bathroom and a homework room. When you walk up the stairs, there is a large bedroom to the left that I am using as my studio/office space. To the right of the stairs is a guest bedroom that I am obsessed with. I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to sleep up here and use this as her room! As much as I love this room, it has been super neglected. Since it isn’t decorated, it has become a dumping ground. Does that happen to you? The worse a space looks, the more you neglect it.

Here are the before shots of the space. Notice the dumping of the Christmas trees and holiday decorations on the floor!

Guest Bedroom Before

Here are the things I love about the room: I am obsessed with the little white door. It leads to a massive walk in closet that has tons of storage space. The open doorway on the other side leads to a half bathroom that we actually ripped out because the plumbing was so old. We will use this space as a vanity area for when my daughter is older.

I love the angles of the ceiling. it makes it feel so cozy around the bed.

And see the oddly shaped window? I love the character of it and the story behind it. From what the neighbors tell me, that space used to be a door.


There were steps leading up there from our backyard. This space was originally used as a servants quarters (remember our house is well over 100 years old), and later as an in-house apartment.

Guest Bedroom Before

I also love the brightness of the space. While I would have preferred the floors to stay in their original wood condition, I can’t deny that the white floor provides great light.


I really wanted to make this into a comfortable and beautiful guest space for when we have relatives or friends stay over. I set a goal of spending only $100 on decor for the room, so I headed to one of my favorite stores where I knew I could get great value for my money, Big Lots. Now, Big Lots holds a special place in my heart. It was one of my grandfather’s favorite stores and he called it Bigen Lots. I have such good memories when I think of all the deals he would share with us that he had picked up that day from his favorite store. I think of him everytime I go to Big Lots, so it is always a fun experience.

The Big Lots in my area recently had a grand re-opening and the store just looks fantastic. Their home decor selection is great and they have so many quality furniture pieces as well.  And I am loving the fall decor they have out this year! Seriously, if you haven’t stopped here to look at what they have for fall, you need to. I couldn’t resist picking up this chevron stuffed pumpkin and adorable owl.


So here’s how I did our $100 Guest Room Makeover Reveal!

I began by cleaning up this pigsty and moving out the wood chest in the corner since it didn’t match the bed. The bed was definitely staying because it is a family piece.  The room instantly looked better, but was lacking a lot, mainly decor and furniture. While a bed is obviously the most important piece in a guest room, you need more to make it comfy!

I wanted to pick up some high quality pieces that would transform the room. My go-to to make a room really look different is to add curtains and rugs. These are high impact pieces that can instantly transform a room. The curtain selection at Big Lots is great and the prices are so reasonable. I love the floral pattern on these curtains! It is so trendy right now, but classic at the same time. I know some people think it can border on grandmaish, but I think it works perfectly in this bright space.


I purchased two rugs. The tan one is sooooo soft on the feet and adds great texture to the space.  I decided to slightly layer a smaller rug runner just to add in some color too!

Once I had my two high impact pieces, I purchased a few accessories to brighten things up. Since I have no intention of painting these walls anytime soon, I decided to work with the light green color and play off that. My color palette was going to be blues and greens, which if you know me, is no surprise. My house is a big blue smorgasboard, I just can’t help myself.

I am obsessed with this wall art. It is just so fun and bright and is the perfect touch in the room. I would love to make a small gallery wall of this piece, but for now, I think this picture is a great start.


I added some more accessories in to bring in some color and pattern to the room. These pictures are ones that I took in the Dominican Republic years ago.

I also picked up this candle which smells like yummy blueberry cobbler and this blue frame to write the wi-fi password on. I then shopped my house for some pieces to add to the room. I love the orange tray and thought it would be perfect for taking off jewelry before bed. I also added some books on the shelves for some late night reading and a lamp that was sitting in a closet in another spare bedroom.


Since the room was furnitureless, I picked up two modular book shelves at Big Lots to make into a dresser-like unit. I have to tell you that I am not counting this piece in the $100 because I am counting it as furniture and not as decor! Even though it didn’t fit into my hundred dollar budget, it is still very inexpensive and easy! Tutorial coming soon for how to make these modular units into this piece! I am loving how the wood top warms up the space!
Guest Bedroom Makeover

I love this mirror atop the shelves, and the price was seriously fantastic. If you are looking for a decorative mirror, you have to go to Big Lots first. Their selection is great and you would be hard pressed to find a lower price!

Guest Bedroom Makeover

So here’s everyone’s favorite shot, the before and after comparison! This room went from a bright, but messy and decor-less space, to a cozy, functional, and beautiful guest space!


Guest Bedroom Before


Guest Bedroom Reveal

Guest Bedroom After


Guest Bedroom Before


And some more afters, just for fun!


I love this little seating area! It’s amazing what 100 dollars plus shopping your house can do! I found things that I had forgotten about!


I have to tell you about my shopping experience at Big Lots. I made two trips into the stores, and both time the employees went above and beyond to help me out. You don’t get that kind of personal attention in most stores. On my first trip, I had two carts full of things and my three year old daughter with me as well. An employee actually pushed both of my carts out to my car, loaded my trunk, and told me not to worry about a thing, just to get my daughter in the car safely. He then pushed my carts back into the store. I wish I had gotten that employee’s name because he was fantastic and his help was so appreciated. On my next trip, an employee searched the store to find something for me so that I could have matching pieces. It was such a great experience and if you don’t shop at Big Lots I really encourage you to go there first before checking out other furniture and home decor stores. You will be so surprised by what you find!

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How to Create a Comfortable Guest Room, on a $100 Budget!

$100 Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

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  1. What a fun room! I love the angled walls and fun windows too!!! Angled walls are so much more interesting than a boring box of a room. 🙂

  2. I love seeing “before” and “after” photos. Your updated guest room looks great! Nice idea to include “wifi” code. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I saw that idea somewhere on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea!

  3. Your room looks great! I love the angles of the room too! I recently gave my room a makeover with Big Lots decor and i also was very impressed!

    1. Thank you!!! I love the angles too! I would love to see the room you did! Link??

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