Unique Decor Pieces Perfect for Fall Decorating

Check out my picks for Unique Decor Pieces Perfect for Fall Decorating! These will provide beautiful warmth and coziness to your home for my favorite season!

Unique Decor Pieces Perfect for Fall Decorating

This post was done in collaboration with Uncommon Goods. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Fall is here! This is most definitely my favorite time of the year and I already have my fall decor out and about in our home. We live in a place where fall is just absolutely beautiful. The leaves change, the weather gets crisp, and the mountainsides are covered in beautiful foliage. We have horrible winters, but I love this area for the fall season and would be hard pressed to give it up if we were to move somewhere else!

Are you a fall decorator? I love to get out my decor and each year love incorporating new pieces. I have been keeping my eye on a few home decor items from Uncommon Goods. This is a wonderful company that sells unique and handcrafted items that are made without any cruelty to animals, people, or the environment. I love a company with great pieces and a great mission!

Each year that I decorate our home, I find more and more that I love more neutral pieces that add a coziness and warmth to our house, instead of items that scream fall like brightly colored pumpkins. This year I am on the search for great pieces that I can adapt to fall and keep out all year long. The best fall decor adds warmth and texture to a space and I think I found some great ones to share with you!

Unique Decor Pieces Perfect for Fall Decorating

How beautiful is this succulent living wall planter kit? I love the warmth of the wood and the subtle hints of fall colors in the succulents. This would also make such a great gift for a decor lover!


These ventana lanterns are industrial but would add such a coziness when they are all lit up with a fall scented candle! The amazing teak table underneath the candles isn’t so shabby either!


This blowing leaves mobile is so unique and will definitely be a conversation piece!


I love this tree ring stool! So fun and it will add great texture to any space. 


These teak pillar candles are probably my favorite home decor item on the entire site. I love how much warmth and texture they would add to a fall decorated space, without screaming FALL! 


This reclaimed wood table runner would provide the perfect base for a beautiful fall tablescape. 


In addition to their selection of home decor items, Uncommon Goods has beautiful jewelry and other gifts ideas. My Mom actually just purchased a beautiful gift from them last week! With Christmas right around the corner, find some great women’s gift ideas here  or check out the selection of  unique personalized gift items here. Their gift items are so much more unique than anything you find at the mall and the quality is great.

Do you have your fall decor out yet or am I just crazy fall obsessed? Even if I am, that’s okay with me! I am done with the hot temperatures and humidity!

I will hopefully be back with some more food posts soon! My kitchen creativity has dwindled with the arrival of our little one! I need to get to cooking with fall ingredients!!

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26 thoughts on “Unique Decor Pieces Perfect for Fall Decorating

    1. it is so good for gifts!! I know I will be buying some Christmas gifts from here!

  1. That tree ring stool is amazing! I am in need of a few of those in my home, small enough for my kids to use as low seats in the living room.

  2. The reclaimed wood runner is so cool! I also really love those wooden candles. I love using unique decor items in my home.

  3. That tree ring stool is amazing, great idear for candle, so unique. love using unique decor items in my home. I am in need of a few of those in my home

  4. This looks impressive. I like the pillar candles. They are so strange but really nice and suitable for a lot of purpose decoration. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am attracted to your teak pillar candles and the others are definitely unique. I will try some of them for my kitchen, im decorating it for fall. thanks so much for inspiration!

  6. You know what, your creation is definitely amazing. I love all of the items in your post, especially the pillar candle and the wall planter kit. Btw I’m so excited when hearing that your next post is about food. Can’t wait.

  7. Those pillar candles definitely turn me on, they looks so great. It surely suits a romantic party. I and my hubby will celebrate the first day we met at the end of this week. Thanks for inspiration!

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