Top Ten Must Have Newborn Baby Products from a second time mom!

Ten Must Have Newborn Products from a Second Time Mom

I can’t believe that baby number 2 is finally here! We have waited so long for this little girl and feel so blessed to have her. Things are crazy but great around here and we are settling into a routine of a new family of four. I wanted to share my favorite baby products with you for those of you who are getting ready for your new baby! I know that there are tons of list on the Internet of the absolute best baby products, but so many of those lists are from companies and not actual experienced moms, so I hope you find it helpful! These are all tried and true products that I loved so much from our first baby that I named them a must have for our second!

Top Ten Must Have Newborn Baby Products

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle BlanketsThese are my absolute favorite baby product and my favorite thing to gift to new moms. They are not the cheapest blanket, but they are seriously worth every penny. They have tons of styles, ranging in prices, and I love all the patterns. So why are these blankets the best? They are muslin and completely breathable, so they are perfect for warm weather when you want to cover up the baby, but not make them sweat. My older daughter is four and still carries around one of these blankets. They get softer and softer the more times you wash them. I like the regular muslin but I hear that the bamboo ones are even softer! They make a ton of different products too and I love the bandana bibs and burpy bibs!

Rock N Play Sleeper

81Kr4BuEaBL._SX425_Not only do I think this is one of the best baby products, but I know that tons of moms agree with me. Babies will sleep for hours at a time in this due to the snuggly fit and the slight incline that helps alleviate gas and reflux. I love that it is so light and portable and you can carry it around the house with you. It is small enough to fit in the bathroom so you can take a shower or to put in the corner of the kitchen so you can sit down and eat! I just bought a new one for this baby and got this exact model linked here but I know that they have one that rocks on its own now. If you don’t want to rock it yourself, go for the automated version!

The Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket

I have a confession, I am an awful swaddler. They teach you how to swaddle the baby in the hospital, but I can never get it tight enough. Our first baby loved to be swaddled at night so I looked for versions of swaddlers that were light weight enough for any season and would be hard to break out of, and this miracle blanket fit the bill. It has tons of great reviews so we gave it a try and loved it. It is so easy to use, it washes well, and the baby never broke out of it. I am hoping this new baby  loves it as much as Adele did!

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Hands Free Pumping BraThis is certainly a must have for any new mom that is nursing. It seems silly, but is really a life saver. Nursing didn’t go well for us so I instead exclusively pumped, which meant I was hooked up to my Medela Double Electric for at least eight times a day. I’m not going to lie…exclusively pumping is awful, but it was worth it for me to make sure she got breast milk. Even if you aren’t pumping that many times a day, a hands free bra is still great, otherwise you literally have to hold the flanges to your chest the entire time. The bra allows for you to work on the computer, read a book, hold a baby, or just look through your phone. If you are going to be pumping at work, you’ll love this bra too.

Sound Machine

81ypRiprPcL._SX522_A sound machine really helped our little one sleep through the night. Doctors say that babies in the womb hear a ton of white noise, so a sound machine mimics that and helps a baby feel more secure. It also helps with the parents sanity because you don’ t have to tip toe through the house and be worried about every noise you make. The sound helps block out some of those household noises. I like this small one I linked to because it is great for travel and can run on both a plug and batteries.

Snap and Go Stroller

Snap and Go StrollerDuring my first pregnancy, I was warned early on that you don’t want one of those huge travel system strollers that you will have to lug around everywhere. I instead went with this super light and compact stroller that the car seat snaps right into. It is perfect for navigating the mall or grocery store and it folds up so easily. This one specifically is for the Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat (which has great reviews and I love!) but there is a generic version from Baby Trend that I believe you can snap any carseat into.

Diaper Pail

V-Tech Video MonitorThis is one of those hotly contested items. Some moms say it is essential and others say it is a waste of money. I am on the side that believes it is essential. You know what I don’t want to do five times a day every time the baby poop s? Walk out to our detached garage and throw the poopy diaper in our garbage can. Nor do I want to put it in our main garbage can in our kitchen. This diaper pail never ever smelled and I love how the lid closes up and seals the bag each time. You can fit a lot of diapers in here and don’t have to take the bag out every day. We have the four year old version of this without the foot pedal, but I think it is a great addition!

 Waterproof Changing Pad Liners


I’m not even sure how I discovered that I loved these. I know that washing your changing pad cover five times a day isn’t fun though. I kept these little liners on our changing pad to help catch any diapering accidents and they are perfect from protecting your cute changing pad cover from bodily fluids. Keep one downstairs too so you don’t have to walk to the nursery every time you need to change a diaper.

Video Monitor

81e4mStHYML._SX522_I wish I could tell you to save the extra money and just get the old fashioned monitor where you can just hear the baby, but honestly, you want a video monitor. Being able to see the baby is so much better for your peace of mind. It will also help ensure that you don’t go running into the room after the first fuss only to find that they were sleeping and now you have woken them up. 

Formula Pitcher


I pumped for as long as I could with my first, but I started to lose my mind at some point. When you are nursing, you can take your baby wherever you are going and nurse on demand. With pumping, you have to travel with that pump everywhere and find someway to occupy your baby. I reached a breaking point and had to give it up and we switched to formula. And guess what? My baby turned out okay! She rarely gets sick, is growing like a champ (she’s super tall), and is so smart. I hate the debate between formula fed and breastfed and just hope no one continues nursing or pumping when it isn’t best for their own personal well being.

This pitcher make formula feed much easier. You mix up how many ounces you need for the day and have it ready in the fridge. Makes middle of the night feedings much quicker so you aren’t mixing on demand!

I hope some of these baby products are helpful for you! They make great shower gifts too! Now I am off to take a nap…or tend to a crying baby! I will hopefully be back soon with some updates on our sweet little girl!

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