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DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card StationDIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

Let me confess something here to the whole wide web…I am the worst card sender in the history of the world. I send cards so few and far between that I bet the receivers fall over if they open a card from me in the mail. I could count on one hand the amount of times I have sent a card to a loved one. I am awful. I apologize family members. Please forgive me.

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

You know what else I never have? Cards on presents. I am the Mom who takes wrapping paper, cuts it into a little square, scribbles our name on it and then tapes it to the present. Again, total fail. It’s not that I don’t love cards, don’t think they are important, or don’t want my family to think I am not thinking of them, I just truly can’t get my stuff together when it comes to cards. Either I forget to buy them or I buy them and they hide from me in the depths of my messy car for so long that the occasion is way gone by the time I find it (that is if I ever find it at all!)

When I told my Mom I was writing a post about greeting cards, I think she actually snorted over the phone. It is very laughable to think of me organized in the card department, but I am making a vow here once and for all, I will finally mail cards! Or at least have cards on hand for presents and special occasions at all times.

So here is what I did, and it is so simple and you can use lots of stuff you already have on hand.

This is what you need:

1 small sized rectangular basket

4 file folders

1 set of Avery labels

Hallmark Cards-I got mine at Walmart and most were only .47 cents!

A small calendar

Post its-I love these fun mailbox ones, which are from the office supplies aisle at Walmart

Decide how you want to organize your folders. I did mine by Adult Birthday, Child Birthday, Special Occasion, and Upcoming Events.

In my adult birthday I put some more grown up cards that I picked up.

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card StationThe child birthday folder has these awesome ©2015 MARVEL Avengers cards that I love!

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station I have a few little nephews and cousins that I picked these up for that have summer birthdays. But to be honest, had we not just had my husband’s birthday, they would have been for him!! We are big Avengers fans in our house and had anxiously awaited the release of the newest movie! There’s a bunch of ©2015 MARVEL Avengers cards to choose from at Walmart, as well as individual characters from the movies featured on the cards. I saw a couple adorable Captain America and Thor choices. One card had a braided band bracelet that went with it, but I really loved this one that played music when opened. You can see that my daughter was amazed by it as well!

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

The special occasion folder has wedding cards, anniversary cards, and a few graduation cards that I knew I would need this summer. Finally, the upcoming event folder has anything that will be coming up in the following month. I plan to move any card from it’s regular folder into this one whenever the event is coming up so that I can make sure that I am always ready. And can we talk about these file folders for a second? Aren’t they just beautiful!?

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

Before shopping, I went through this little calendar and circled all the events I could think of and then labeled the date with initials of who’s birthday, graduation, wedding, etc. I could remember. Then I took the little calendar and shopped around the value card aisle which had cards from .47 to .99 cents and there were so many choices! I tried to stick to the amount of dates I had circled to prevent over buying, but I also threw some extras in for the times when a last minute thing comes up or we have a birthday party. Next year I will start fresh in January with a new calendar and go shopping then for the entire year. Hopefully it helps me stay more organized!

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

I put the folders, post it reminder note pads and a pencil in the box. I plan to throw in a book of stamps too so that there really are no excuses! I tied the little calendar onto the side so that I can add events as needed. I am storing the box on top of this gift wrapping cart so that all the present/card supplies are all together.

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

For more information on Hallmark Greeting Cards, click this link!

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

There is seriously so much in the Hallmark aisle at Walmart and I love that I can get all my cute themed wrapping paper, picture frames, tissue paper, and anything else I need from one aisle. Maybe I need to ramp up present wrapping station from this aisle, too! If you are as disorganized as me when it comes to cards, I hope I inspired you to make your own Ready to Go Greeting Card Station too!



DIY Ready to Go Greeting Card Station. Never be without a card for the next birthday party or event you need to attend! This inexpensive and easy station is perfect to keep you organized.#ad #sharesmiles

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15 thoughts on “Ready to Go Greeting Card Station

  1. This is such a great idea! I have a huge pile of greeting cards that I use whenever needed, but they’re not at all organized and can be difficult to find at times. This would save me quite the hassle!

    1. This makes it so much easier to be organized and prepared!

  2. That’s such a clever idea. I’m always misplacing things and this would make it so easy to find my cards

  3. Love this idea! One of my aunts used to have a drawer where she seemed to have a card for nearly every occasion…she never had to run to the store! 😀

    1. I am so jealous of those people who are always so prepared with their cards! I hope this helps me be like your aunt!

  4. I like the idea! Looks well organized and that basket is super cute, it will fit perfectly in any interior. And I agree, those greeting cards aisles are the ones you just can’t pass by.

    1. Thank you! I love that little basket with the handles!!

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