Right about now I am sitting on the beach, enjoying some sun and family time so I have invited one of my friends (in real life and in blogging!) to share a fun project with you guys while I am on vacation! Please welcome Danielle!! Her DIY Wooden Wastebasket Cabinet is so cool and it makes an eyesore into a beautiful piece of furniture! Here she is!

Hey there Old House To New Home Lovers!! I’m Danielle over at Creatively Homespun! Amanda invited me over to show you an exciting new project that I am working on!

We recently bought our first home!! As a family of four we were expanding faster than expected, so we were eager to get moved and settled. Our new house has very little necessary in light of renovations, but there are a few things on our “must list”.

Our New Home || Creatively Homespun
Meet #TheKendigsNewDigs

Our first big project is the kitchen! I’m super stoked about this because I spend most my time there! I have always loved the kitchen ever since we first looked at the home. It is spacious, and has a ton of possibilities. **SWOON** And that brings me to my recent project!

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

I was itching to get this eye sore out of the way. YICKS! That was the BEFORE.. Something had to be done! It was the first thing you see when you walk in the kitchen, the white is hard to keep clean, and if you really look hard enough from the dining room windows, YOU COULD SEE IT THERE! This had to change.

The hubby and I decided on a straight lined DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet. The instructions (Which are located at the end of this post) are super easy to follow, with graphics and great examples. They are also so versatile, so if you want to adjust it to better suite your decor style, go for it!

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet - An easy DIY that makes your eyesore of a garbage can into a pretty piece of furniture!

Here is the supplies list that we purchased! Straight from the Ana White source listed below! Remember, the full directions can be found at the end of the post. line


2- 1×12 @ 6 feet long

1- 1/3 @8 feet long

2- 1/2 @ 8 feet long

Narrow hinges (the cheapo kind with flat headed screws)

pull of your liking

2 inch screws

1 ¼ inch finish nails

2 inch finish nails

1-1/4” Pocket Hole Screws

Elmer’s Wood Glue

Elmer’s Wood Filler

120 grit sandpaper


wood conditioner


paint brush


measuring tape



safety glasses

hearing protection

Kreg Jig


Circular Saw


Brad Nailer

Random Orbital Sander

Countersink Drill Bitline


DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

Because we didn’t have our wood-shop set up yet, we decided build this baby in our driveway. So he did most of the building, and I did the beautifying! Here are some great shots of him working on our masterpiece…

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

Getting started was pretty simple. Just your basic line and cut. Once the major pieces were cut, he was able to start assembling them. If you don’t have a saw, the guys at Home Depot/Lowe’s will make your cuts for you DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

Assembly was some what more time consuming than the cutting. Not necessarily harder, just more time consuming! With the glue, and the nails, and the cleaning of glue. HA! We worked great as a team with all these pieces.

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

I have to say, I was starting to feel a little more relieved to visually see that all these pieces were coming together! He was buzzing through -no problem, but I am such a “Follow the Directions Gal”. So when he was whirling around like it was nothing, my inner control freak was like, “WOAH HUSBAND! Slow down!”. But honestly… this is such a simple project!! I just needed to take a chill pill.

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

Look at that! It actually looks like something!!!

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

The finagling of the two saw horses, aka Make Shift Wood Shop, was the hardest part. But once we got the hang of how to do that, the project picked back up again!  Seriously, this assembly in total took a total of 2 hours! That’s it!!

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

After the cabinet was put together, it was MY TURN! I was really hung up on figuring out what color to choose. Paint? or Stain? AHHH So many options! I wanted to pick something that would go with my scheme of clean and crisp. My strange hue of green walls, and white accents… I needed something that wasn’t too bold, but didn’t blend in with everything at the same time!

So I slept on it, and then the next day we chose a darker stain, with a clear polyurethane to seal it. After 1 coat of stain, and 3 coats of poly, I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out! It has a old world vibe to it, and truly looks like it belongs there! I love the darker stain because it almost matches the woodwork in the door, and remaining woodwork through the house. The 100 year woodwork in our new home really shows some character, and expresses the story behind the history. I was really trying to add to that with this pieces so that it looked like it belonged there. DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

The hideaway waste basket storage really makes it look like a piece of furniture. The aesthetics are great, but the functional system behind it.. SCORE! The chains were installed to keep the door from falling to the floor. The hinges on the bottom help anchor the door to rotate. The open back allows for easy transferring of the container and bag changing. The many perks to this piece truly add a whole new dynamic to the WOW factor. I love, love, loooove everything about it!

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

The grain in this wood (Pine) is fantastic with the dark stain. Some spots didn’t take as dark as the others, however I think that adds to it! The hardware and straight lines give it a modern twist. I didn’t want it to seem too Country Primitive, but I do think that the beat up characteristics give old charm.

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

Look at that grain!!! I didn’t stain the top center as much as I did the edges because I wanted it to seem weathered. I think my favorite part of this piece, other than the functionality, is the TOP! It turned out perfectly!

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

I really hope you love this as much as I do! It is a huge bonus in the room, even for a trash can! I might feel sort of silly showing it off because of its function, however.. I will brag with pride. ha! This just might be the newest conversation piece in our home. 😉

DIY Wooden Waste Basket Cabinet || Creatively Homespun #TheKendigsNewDigs #diy #kitchenreno #oldhousetonewhome

For the full instructions on how to build this new “Conversation Piece”, grab them here!

Thanks for hanging out with me!!! I’ll be in the kitchen, with a glass of wine.. admiring our work! CIAO!


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  1. I have a question, under the supply list it says 1/3 and 1/2, are those 1×3? and 1x2s?

    1. Hi Travis! This is Danielle from over at Creatively Homespun. Yes that is exactly what they are. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to ask!

  2. I have made some of these and I love them, however a chain is needed to hold the door in place when it is opened, I wouldn’t drop it, but kids might. I am struggling with how to do that since the chain can get caught and make the door not sit properly. Help!

    1. Hi Pam! Unfortunately, this was a guest post by another blogger so the plans are hers. I am not sure how best to attach a chain. I will try to look into it and get back to you!

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