It is finally here! Christmas decorating season! I put our tree and decorations up really early this year, but since Thanksgiving has passed, I can finally start spreading my holiday cheer all over the place! I am a Christmas obsessed type of person. I have been buying presents since August and planning my holiday decor since a little after that! What can I say…I love the holidays!

One of the things I love about our new house is that the kitchen has some room for holiday decor. At our old house, the kitchen was so small that I could barely fit myself in it, let alone decorations! I wanted to add some holiday cheer and keep with the kitchen theme, thus this Cookie Cutter Garland was born!
I loved this idea when I saw it on PinkWhen for the fall using pumpkin cookie cutters. I think it adds a very cute touch and puts to use something that sits in a drawer all year until it comes time to bake cookies. This is also a very inexpensive project. The roll of twine is less than 5 dollars at Michaels, especially if you use a coupon, and the cookie cutters were cheap metal ones that I already had. I actually bought blue snowflake ones as well that I had planned to use, but at the last minute, decided to go with these more classic colored ones.
All you do is cut your piece of twine slightly longer than your desired length and then decided how far spaced you want your cutters. I did mine about 5 inches. I then cut smaller pieces of twine and tied them in a knot around the cookie cutter and then the long twine piece. This ensures that your cutters all face front when tied on. I used two small command hooks in the corners of the hutch and wrapped the twine around them to hang this.
I removed all my decorations so you could really see how they are tied on.












You could easily keep this up all year and change out the cutters as the seasons change. I am going to put up my blue snowflakes after Christmas and think Easter Eggs would be really cute in the Spring!

Have you started your holiday decorating, shopping, or preparations? I have some more Christmas cookie recipes coming up and an easy DIY ornament. I wasn’t blogging at this time last year, so I am so excited to share the holiday season with you!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been wondering how to brighten my kitchen for the season. I’m going to use red and white butcher’s twine I bought recently to tie my Thanksgiving turkey. 🙂

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