schoolsupplies1Oh man, is it seriously back to school time? The mere thought makes me a little nauseated! I know, I know, it must be so tough to be a teacher and get the whole summer off…but you can’t imagine how hard it is to go back!

Anyways, enough of my whining. There is something exciting about back to school this year in our house and it is that my daughter starts preschool! We have been getting her all ready! Backpack, check. New clothes, check. Lots of crayons and markers to practice what she learns, check! My little one loves to color and I have been struggling to keep her supplies organized. I had them in many different places in our home and always found myself searching for what she needed. I decided it was time to par down her supplies to what she uses the most and to organize them in a portable tray that can be carried about the house if needed.

I made this adorable School Supplies and Craft Organizer and placed it on her art table in our living room and am so happy to have it all together in one place! And you won’t believe how inexpensive this way because of what I used to make the boxes! This works great for craft supplies or as a homework  station, too! Check out the full tutorial over at Craftaholics Anonymous!


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